Kenny Hill Player of the Week 1

Honestly, I am really surprised that people are surprised by Kenny Hill’s performance in week one. I join the crowd by being surprised by the Texas A&M Aggies beating the stuffing out of South Carolina. I am more surprised by the Gamecocks being so unprepared for the onslaught that they should have  known was coming.

Check out the history of Aggie coach Kevin Sumlin and his offenses and check out the history of my player of the week Kenny Hill.


Kenny Hill was just named the starter last week beating out the number 1 QB recruit in the entire country in Kyle Allen out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Supposedly, the competition was pretty close and intense, but Hill came out the winner.

The Aggies only have 2 QBs on the roster and it will be interesting to see if Allen transfers out like QBs so often do.


Kenny Hill played his high school football at a Texas powerhouse high school, Southlake Carroll. Carroll High School also produced big winners at QB in Chase Daniel for Missouri and Alabama QB Greg McElroy. Like Daniel and McElroy, Kenny Hill led his team deep into the playoffs and won the Texas 5A state championship.

Hill was rated a 3 star prospect coming out of high school for whatever reason. If you saw Kenny Hill play in high school you would have seen that the guy had a little something going for him besides height, weight and 40 time.

Watching the LSU vs Wisconsin game later you can see guys with more potential than a Kenny Hill and have more stars coming out of high school but they struggle with lack of experience and grasping their offenses.

That’s not a problem for Kenny Hill. He picked off right where Johnny Manziel left off and actually had a better day passing than Mr Football ever did.


Hill completed 16 out of 22 passes in all of 2013 good for 183 yards and a TD as a back up to Manziel.


He passed those marks early in the first quarter against South Carolina on his way to becoming the first player of the week for the 2014 season.


Kenny Hill was not the only player that stood out for the Aggies as they totally whipped the Gamecocks across the board. The Aggies looked primed and ready, while the so called Ole Ball Coach’s team looked unprepared and in total shock from the opening whistle. The Aggies dominated both lines of scrimmages and quieted the South Carolina crowd from almost the beginning.


Saying that Kenny Hill wasn’t the only stand out doesn’t take away from the fact that he really, really stood out.

In his very first start, the 6-1, 215 sophomore Hill, threw for 511 yards from 44 completions on 60 attempts. In those 500 plus yards were 3 TDs as Hill and the Aggies tore apart the Gamecocks defense for nearly 700 yards.


Kenny Hill won’t make anyone forget about Johnny Manziel with his running ability as he only had 5 yards rushing on 7 carries.


It doesn’t really matter how many yards he ran for when he threw for over 500 with one of the most impressive first starts in the history of college football.





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