Indiana Hoosier Quarterbacks

The high school ranks in Indiana have actually produced some top quality Quarterbacks over the years. Jeff George, Rick Mirer (my wife thought he was cute), Blair Kiel, Gunner Kiel, Rex Grossman and Rusty Lisch to name a few.

But, not many of them decide to stay home and play for the home state Indiana Hoosiers. Some have chosen Notre Dame and some Purdue, but very few with Indiana.

Face it, Indiana is a basketball state and the Hoosiers are known for their basketball. Even last year when the Hoosiers started the season off at 4-0 on the gridiron, and they hosted top ranked Ohio

State, the stadium was not even full. It was said that it was sold out, but the stands had a lot of empty seats. If you have a fun team to watch and have a home game with the top ranked team in the country and you can’t fill the place up, that’s not a good sign of solid football support.

They don’t play great defense, but if I lived in the state of Indiana, I would make at least some of their games because they are a fun team to watch.

Next season should be much of the same with some new faces at certain positions. One of those positions is Quarterback.

Nate Sudfeld has used up his eligibility and moved his 6-6, 235 self on to the Washington  Redskins, if he makes the roster.

The leading candidate to replace Sudfeld is Junior College transfer Richard Lagow. I wrote about Lagow in more detail here: Lagow

Lagow is about Sudfeld’s identical twin, size wise, checking in at 6-6, 240. But, Lagow is much more athletic than Sudfeld and should be able to get a first down with his feet sometimes.

Under the guidance of Kevin Wilson and his coaching staff, I believe that Richard Lagow has a chance to be a step up.

Zander Diamont and Danny Cameron hope to challenge Lagow for starting duties, or maybe the back up job.

Both of these guys have somewhat famous fathers. I wrote about Diamont earlier here: Zander Diamont

Diamont’s father is something of a celebrity as a long time Soap Opera star, Don Diamont. I don’t personally watch those shows, but a man has to make a living. The younger Diamont is the only

Indiana Quarterback that has very much game experience of the three. Zander Diamont replaced Sudfeld against top ranked Ohio State and he gave the Buckeyes fits. They were prepared for Sudfeld and Diamont is an entirely different type of Quarterback. Diamont burned the Buckeyes’ for a long Touchdown run that kept the Hoosiers in the game. He’s fiery, he’s competitive, and he will give everything that he has. Still, his passing skills don’t compare with a Nate Sudfeld and probably Richard Lagow.

Danny Cameron is the son of LSU Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron.

He moved around in high school and idn’t play that much, but with his dad being a former Indiana football player and head coach, he was going to get a shot.

Cameron came in with the 2014 recruiting class and then redshirted. Last season, Sudfeld and Diamont were both out against Penn State and Cameron got some playing time.

As competitive as Indiana was with Ohio State and Michigan, they were not on the same field with Penn State going down, 7-29.

Cameron was not impressive completing only 6 of 16 passes for 65 yards and an Interception. But, that was probably the entire team’s worst game of the season.

When Indiana opens it’s season on September 1st, which also happens to be my birthday, in Miami, Florida against Florida International I would expect Richard Lagow to open up at Quarterback.

Since writing this a while back, Indiana coach Kevin Wilson has named Richard Lagow the starting Quarterback as expected. 


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