I Would Just Like to Point Out

Everybody is now talking about Memphis and Paxton Lynch. Most of the talk is coming from the upset of Ole Miss last Saturday.

We even heard Paxton Lynch being compared to Colin Kapernick during the Memphis Friday Night game versus Tulsa.

I just wanted to point out that I blogged about Paxton Lynch last year: http://collegefootballcrazy.com/1399/






Also, another one of the guys suddenly get the national attention is Christian McCaffrey at Stanford. Well, I was also posting about him last year before anyone else was talking about him.


Everybody was always all over Leonard Fournette, but I too was blogging about Fournette last year. http://collegefootballcrazy.com/leonard-fournette-lsu-tigers/



Just saying that maybe readers should keep checking back with this blog and see who is next.

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