How Refreshing: Penn State Defensive Ends for 2015

In today’s game of football there are so many bad characters playing. So many guys getting suspended. So many guys accused of this crime or that one and sometimes it gets a little tiresome. Almost every day there is a new report about some player being arrested for some criminal offense.

Penn State had a defense last season that was 2nd in the nation in total yardage behind Clemson. In researching who will be the potential starters along the Defensive front for the Nittany Lions in 2015 I ran across two individuals that I find a little inspirational in these days and times.


Penn State has 2 guys that are projected to start at Defensive End in 2015.

Garrett Sickels is a 6-4, 260 junior from Red Bank, New Jersey. Sickels was a highly recruited 4 star guy that former Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien brought in with his 2013 class.

Sickels isn’t interested in robbing convenience stores, or stabbing fellow students. He’s not much into disrespecting his fellow man, or seeing what he can get away with. Instead, he seems to be interested in pursuing a degree in Finance and possibly working on Wall Street. I know some wise acre will say that there are many criminals on Wall Street, and that is true. But, there are also many, many good people in that world and they are interested in making an honest living and providing for their families the old fashioned way, with hard work.

The starter at the other Defensive End position is possibly going to be senior Carl Nassib. The little used 6-6, 270 Nassib from West Chester, Pennsylvania is recognized as one of the hardest workers on the team. He is the younger brother of former Syracuse and current New York Giant signal caller,

Ryan Nassib.

Besides being a tireless worker on the football field, the weight room and in film study, Nassib is a biology major and wants to get into medical school.

He’s not interested in cutting somebody with a knife unless it’s possibly to help the person in surgery.

It’s amazing that the school that gave us Jerry Sandusky and his huge scandal, would also give us Garrett Sickels and Carl Nassib.
After all, this is college football. It’s not an NFL minor league system or the United States justice system. This is not an episode of Law and Order. It’s college football. This sport is about winning, of course, but it’s also about building up young men of character, not thugs.

Congratulations should go out to Garrett Sickels, Carl Nassib, and their families. Also, to former coach Bill O’Brien and current coach James Franklin and the rest of their staff members.

How refreshing it is to see a couple of college football players that actually want to play football and get a quality degree and make something out of their lives and their futures.

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