Dylan McCaffrey: Latest McCaffrey Family Update

This news is about a month old, so please spare me the Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor type comments.  Yes, I do know that the North won the Civil War.

But, it’s the off season and I have been on the road a lot and I have tons of other excuses.

Dylan McCaffrey, right now, is the top rated Pro Style Quarterback prospect in the country. Everybody was, and still is, after this kid.


The common thought among football fans was Dylan McCaffrey would follow one of his older brothers to Stanford or Duke. Those schools, after all, were actually the ones with deep family connections.

But, as I said in one of my McCaffrey family updates playing for Jim Harbaugh would be a hard situation to not jump all over and that’s exactly what the third McCaffrey son has done.

With nearly a year remaining till the next signing day, Dylan McCaffrey has done as I somewhat expected and he has committed to the Michigan Wolverines.


At Michigan, McCaffrey will have his hands full competing with last year’s top Michigan Quarterback Brandon Peters and the year before they brought in Alex Malzone and Zach Gentry.


Make no mistake about it, Jim Harbaugh can recruit. A lot of outstanding Quarterbacks will feel the desire to play for a coach such as Harbaugh. This is not to take anything away from David Shaw and Stanford, or David Cutcliffe of Duke. Harbaugh is given credit for developing Andrew Luck and he definitely built the current Stanford program almost back from the dead. Shaw has done well

maintaining that program.

Cutcliffe coached the Manning brothers at both Tennessee and at Ole Miss so he has been known to work well with Quarterbacks as well.

Negative recruiters will bring up the cold weather of Michigan to persuade Dylan McCaffrey to go elsewhere. The cold won’t be a problem for Dylan McCaffrey at all having grown up in Colorado right on the edge of the mighty Rocky Mountains.

Congratulations to the next McCaffrey brother and his choice of Michigan. Hopefully, he and his future teammates will have a lot of success in the Big 10 and on the national scene.

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