Dave Butz Purdue Giant

When you are a two time high school All American football player, you pretty much have your choice of colleges to choose from.

Supposedly, Maine South High School of Park Ridge, Illinois had an outstanding athlete that graduated in 1969 that had over 130 scholarship offers from colleges wanting him to play for their respective schools. Not just a one trick pony, this outstanding athlete also had a scholarship offer from legendary Kentucky basketball coach Adolph Rupp to play basketball at Kentucky. That was a very high honor in that time period.

He more than likely had offers for Track and Field since he shattered the state record in the discus and it stood for about 20 years.

Dave Butz was that incredible football player at Maine South and he was huge, especially for his time

period. Butz was supposedly about 6-5, 265 as a high school sophomore, which seems pretty modest compared to the 6-7, 295 that he eventually became.

But, Butz developed really early and was dominating from day one. He was a two time High School All American in football.

In basketball, he supposedly dunked over Bill Cartwright in high school and shattered the backboard while doing it. Cartwright was a 7 footer that played 16 seasons in the NBA.

Butz scored 32 points in one basketball game which may have been the reason for the offer by Adolph Rupp. I’m sure he had plenty of other offers.

Dave Butz had a future with football and not basketball and he was smart enough to figure that out.

After being recruited by everybody in the country, Butz picked Purdue over everyone else. Common thinking is that Michigan finished second for his services, but that is not relevant. Purdue in the late 1960s was not only a great school, but their football program was about as good as anyone’s. 1960s

As long as Jack Mollenkopf was the head coach at Purdue, the Boilermakers were highly competitive. The Boilermakers had finished with an 8-2 record in 1968 when Butz was still playing high school football.

Butz was a freshman at Purdue when Mollenkopf stepped down and the program at Purdue started going downhill quickly.

Dave Butz’ first year on the varsity at Purdue was 1970 and Bob DeMoss was the new coach. The Boilermakers, in spite of having Butz, Running Back Otis Armstrong, Wide Receiver Daryl Stingley and Quarterback Gary Danielson, slumped to 4-6.

The following season with all of those guys returning, the were even worse with a 3-7 record.

Jack Mollenkopf’s last recruiting class had been a good one with Butz, Armstrong, Stingley and

Danielson and then they were stuck with a new coach.

As seniors in 1972, they were all back and they improved to 6-5. But, I have to wonder if these guys might have gone elsewhere if Mollenkopf had indicated he was going to leave.

Dave Butz was a consensus All American in 1972 as a Defensive Tackle. Then, he played in both the East-West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl.

The St Louis Cardinals took Butz with the 5th pick of the 1st round in 1973 NFL Draft..

He played for the Cardinals for two years before George Allen and the Washington Redskins made a big trade to get Dave Butz and that’s where he excelled.

In Washington, Butz played for 14 seasons and he played in 3 Super Bowls.

Dave Butz was named to the all 1980s NFL team and he retired from football in 1988.

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