Creeping on the McCaffrey’s Again

We’ve owned our own business since the 1980s and we’ve always been hands on. A lot of people have come and gone in all of those years, and some of them stood out more than others. Two of those that stood out I will write about here ever so briefly.

A few years back, we had an employee named Destini that worked for us maybe for a couple of years. If you know Destini, you will know that she is a rather outgoing individual.

I’m not going to lie, I grew up a rather shy little boy and probably never said a word in public until forced into it later on in life, and that was against my wishes. Once we went into a business and I was forced to deal with people both in person and on the phone, the shyness kind of went away.

In other words, I love to talk and I am making up for lost times. That’s not always the case, I never speak in groups of 4 or more, just in individual settings.  But, Destini probably never saw a person she wouldn’t give a good shot at talking their ears off, as the old saying goes about people that are talented at talking.

Destini is much younger than I am and her husband was once a kid we knew in a different setting. I don’t remember if husband Drew played any football, but if he was taller he might have been a really good Offensive Lineman.

At our workplace, I once asked Destini who a certain older fella was snooping around outside and she told me he was a ‘creeper’.  I had never heard that term before, but it doesn’t take a detective to figure out what a creeper must be.  It’s been a regular word in my vocabulary ever since.

All that said, I am a football fan, not a creeper. But, sometimes looking up stats and info about 17 year old boys on the internet seems kind of weird. Any reader would have to admit that this seems to be kind of true, unless you consider why I google such young men.

But, if calling me a creeper makes you feel better, I am okay with that as well because it is amusing.

As I have said in other posts here, I do not know the McCaffrey family at all. I have never met any of them. I have met, and I like, Ed McCaffrey’s football coach at Denver, Mike Shanahan.

There’s really no reason for me to update the family’s athletic accomplishments other than I am getting some seriously good views on any of the posts involving the McCaffrey’s.  Plus, they are some talented football players ranging from Ed on down to the youngest son.



In week two of the college football season, the oldest McCaffrey son Max only caught 2 passes for  51 yards, but one of his catches went for his first Touchdown of the season. Max McCaffrey has 6 catches for 112 yards after 2 games.

But, the Duke senior Wide Receiver’s  services really weren’t needed this past Saturday as the Blue Devils played Middle School team North Carolina Central.

Duke won 55 – 0 and new Quarterback Thomas Sirk really could use a little more seasoning against good competition before they get into ACC play. Please don’t take the Middle School comments seriously, I am only poking fun of the light schedules some of these schools play currently.


Out on the opposite coast, Stanford sophomore Running Back Christian McCaffrey bounced back big from their opening day shocking loss to Northwestern.  The Stanford Cardinal faced another good defense in the University of Central Florida  and they won big 31 to 7.

Christian McCaffrey ran for only 58 yards as the Knights held him check most of the night as far as rushing. But, he caught 4 passes for 59 yards and a Touchdown.

McCaffrey is equally dangerous as a Running Back, a Wide Receiver, and as a return man. He had 2 punt returns good for 32 yards and 1 Kickoff return for 17 yards.

So far this season, Christian McCaffrey has 124 yards rushing and 9 receptions for 82 yards. Those numbers will increase as the year goes on and they play a few weaker defenses.

Updating this post from Sunday after I have reviewed the Stanford game on Saturday. Christian had an 80 yard punt return for a Touchdown, also, but it was called back by an illegal block.

Back on McCaffrey home turf, third son and highly recruited Quarterback Dylan McCaffrey traveled to Bentonville, Arkansas.

Back when I played high school football an hour and a half bus trip was way too much for us. Valor Christian High School in the Denver area traveling to Bentonville, Arkansas is kind of a big deal.

Naturally, they don’t take those old yellow school buses like we did with dirty underwear shoved in the cracks of the windows trying to keep some of the cold air out. It was a good thing I grew up in the South, but maybe Northern high school teams had better school buses.

In my business, I also had a guy working from Bentonville, Arkansas. David was a college student and a part time worker, but a great guy and he loved Bentonville, the Arkansas Razorbacks and Northwest Arkansas in general and he talked of the area constantly.

I am not confident in my knowledge of the quality of high school football in this area, but current Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn coached just a few short years ago in nearby Springdale. He

used highly recruited Quarterback Mitch Mustain and some other talented players to win a state title in Arkansas and to propel himself into the college coaching ranks.

Bentonville is also the home town of the founder of Walmart and is still their headquarters.


The quality of high school football in Bentonville, Arkansas must be fairly good, at the very least, because they beat Dylan McCaffrey and his Valor Christian teammates this weekend, 41 to 22.

Dylan McCaffrey threw for 294 yards and a Touchdown on 21 of 36 passing. McCaffrey also ran for 67 yards on 13 carries with a long of 43 yards and another Touchdown.

He also punted once for 44 yards.

This loss dropped Valor Christian to 1-2 on the season.

Youngest son Luke is a freshman at Valor Christian and that’s going beyond my creeping comfort zone. Or, there is no information available on high school freshman football.

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