College Football and Weddings: One More Time

I posted last year on this blog about how weddings should be planned other times of the year and not in the Fall. You can read my earlier blog here:

Women, do you want to know why you fellas are always getting choked in television shows and in the movies? It’s because you won’t let that choker guy watch football.

Seriously, it’s summer time and it’s hot and there’s nothing on the tube on a Saturday other than

maybe the US Open if you are a golf fan. Baseball is all right at times, but it’s not college football and we’ve waited so patiently for the Saturdays of the Fall to reoccur.

We are in withdrawals. Our hands are shaking and booze just doesn’t cut it anymore. We need some football to make our lives right again. Football fans are in the desert of our souls with football still weeks and weeks away.

We don’t need lovely weddings to get in the way and mess up a good Saturday of College Football games.


I don’t have a wedding to attend on the first Saturday of September which is also the first Saturday of football. But, my daughter and son-in-law do have a wedding and I am obviously involved because we have to see our family and it’s in another city about 4 hours away.

In reality, the wedding is actually on Friday night, the 4th. But, they will have rehearsal dinner on Thursday which means North Carolina going into South Carolina in an interesting state battle will be put aside, at least temporarily.

I picked North Carolina as one of my up and coming teams last year and they disappointed because of defense. Well, this season, they have Gene Chizek as Defensive Coordinator and he was with Auburn under Tommy Tuberville when the Tigers had fantastic defenses and he was with Texas when they won the national championship against USC under Mack Brown.

It may take a year or two before Chizek can get that Tar Heel defense up to par, but I want to watch what happens the entire time.

Also to be missed by Rehearsal time and dinners and Bachelor parties is the Michigan debut of Jim Harbaugh as they travel to Utah to take on the Utes.

Highly ranked TCU travels to Minnesota to take on the Golden Gophers. Do I need to remind people that the Hornfrogs of TCU felt slighted last season and took it out on a poor little SEC team in their bowl game? They have a lot of returners in 2015 and should be good.

On Friday, there’s not a lot of really good games on. An interesting match-up will be in Boise, Idaho where the Washington Huskies coached by the old Boise State coach Chris Peterson. Any time a coach leaves a program and then returns to town with his new team to play his old team, that becomes a game to watch.

I won’t be watching because of the blue turf, but some people will enjoy.

Michigan State also takes on upstart Western Michigan. Before Southerners get out of sorts about that game, just consider how many SEC teams have played Southern Miss or Tulane. This is a good Western Michigan team and might bring a challenge to Michigan State much as Southern Miss has challenged SEC teams often in the past.


Then, there is Saturday, the 5th of September. College football officially has it’s first full Saturday of football and there are a few interesting games that will be missed by poor fellas being asked to attend weddings just because some bride was not very thoughtful with her planning.


Wisconsin versus Alabama could be an interesting game. Wisconsin beat Auburn last year, but lost it’s coach and it’s top Running Back. Alabama starts with a new Quarterback, but they always start with a bang.

Texas travels to Notre Dame to provide a possible intriguing game. Texas coach Charlie Strong is still in rebuilding phase and cleaning up the mess left behind by previous coaches. The Irish are already heavily favored.

Louisville takes on Auburn in a neutral site game. The Tigers should win going away, but this could be a good game.

Stanford and their smash mouth brand of football visits Northwestern in what should be a good battle. The Wildcats sophomore Running Back Justin Jackson is one to watch in 2015, but the Cardinal always plays good defense.

Virginia is at UCLA. Every recruiting fan will be anxious to view true freshman Ruuning Back Soso Jamabo and possibly true freshman Quarterback Josh Rosen.

Arizona State versus Texas A%M could be a blast to watch. The Aggies may have a new Defensive Coordinator but can they change their old habits under head coach Kevin Sumlin. The Sun Devils of Arizona State return 9 starters on defense, but will it be enough.

The best game of the weekend just might be the Ohio State at Virginia Tech showdown. Will weary gentlemen be back in time and recovered from their wedding trauma to be able to view this game?




Ladies, I’ve already asked you nicely to stop planning weddings on football Saturdays. Please, for the sake of us college football fans plan these weddings for a Spring or Summer weekend.

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