Bob Stoops to Florida?

Hey, it could happen.

This is football and the ball bounces a funny way. It’s not like that silly game of soccer where the ball is round. Anything can happen in football and money talks.

But, then, it’s probably not going to be about the money since Bob Stoops makes 5.25 million per year at Oklahoma.

The Florida Gators are more than likely going to need a new coach next season. So, why not Bob Stoops?

The Gators can’t afford to make a mistake this time around or they will fall out of the upper echelon of the SEC programs and will start losing recruits to other SEC and national teams.

Current Florida Gator coach, Will Muschamp, is 3-3 this season. That is after going a really disapointing 4-8 last season. Sure, Will Muschamp’s Florida Gators could win the rest of their games and finish 8-3 in the regular season. With Georgia, South Carolina and Florida State remaining on the roster, 8-3 is not very likely. I always thought Will Muschamp got in way over his head with the Florida head coaching gig. He is a proven excellent Defensive Coordinator.

Why Bob Stoops? Why not Bob Stoops? The Florida job is not way over his head and that’s exactly what the Gators need right now. They need a proven and experienced winner to take over that program and right the ship.

Stoops has been at Oklahoma since before the 1999 season. The Oklahoma Sooners won the n

ational championship in 2000 by beating Florida’s huge long time rival, Florida State.

Regarding Florida State, the Sooners under Bob Stoops are 3-0 against the Seminoles which is another reason for the Florida Gators to hire Stoops.


Bob Stoops played Defensive Back at Iowa and started his coaching career there as well. Stoops big break came when he was hired by Kansas State legend Bill Snyder as a Defensive Back coach. From that job, Stoops was promoted to Co-defensive Coordinator for the Wildcats. The Kansas State Wildcats had some incredible defenses back in those days.


Florida coach Steve Spurrier and the Gators played for the national championship at the end of the 1995 season and were blown off the field by the powerful Nebraska Cornhuskers. Nebraska just hammered Florida 62-24.

Spurrier was apparently very unhappy, as anyone should be, with this embarrassment and he brought in Bob Stoops as his Defensive Coordinator.


The improvement of the Gator defense was immediate and the Gators won the national championship the  following season with a big win over rival Florida State in the Sugar Bowl.

Stoops was the Defensive Coordinator at Florida for 3 seasons before being hired by the Oklahoma Sooners as their new head coach.

Stoops has a record of 165-41so far at the University of Oklahoma. Bob Stoops Sooners have won or tied 9 Big 12 Championships over his 15 year career there.

So, why would Stoops want to leave a job he has been at for over 15 years?

This post is pure speculation. I have no idea what Bob Stoops wants to do with the rest of his life. This blog is for fun and I enjoy talking about the possibilities. I’ve seen some internet speculation about this coach or that one taking the Florida job should Will Muschamp be fired and that pretty much has to be inevitable at this point.

Expectations are unbelievably high in Norman, Oklahoma. The Sooners were thought by many in the state of Oklahoma to be a frontrunner, or even a lock, to gain a playoff spot. The Sooner faithful think it’s their God given right to win the national championship every season.

Expectations are high in Gainesville, Florida as well, but this would be a new an exciting start for Stoops.

Oklahoma has always made a living and earned success by recruiting the state of Texas. That’s gotten much tougher for the Sooners in recent years. Maybe it is the Aggies leaving the Big 12 for the SEC and the arrival of Baylor and TCU as recruiting rivals in the state of Texas. But, whatever the reason is, the Sooners have had a much harder time recruiting Texas and have had to work harder in California and other states.

The state of Florida is one of the nation’s very best recruiting areas. California has more guys that are from there playing in the NFL. But, Florida is right up there in second place and even ahead of the state of Texas in producing NFL talent. At Florida, Bob Stoops and his chosen staff would be a frontrunner for a lot of that talent. Kids in Florida will know what Bob Stoops did at Oklahoma and want to play for him at Florida.

Not only that, but the Florida Gators and the SEC have the pull to bring in talent from all over the United States. A lot of serious talent from the North, or other areas, desire to play in Florida in a warm location or in the SEC. Don’t be a stubborn Southerner there is definitely some talent in other parts of the country outside of the South. Maybe not as much, but there is some talent available.


As it is, the Florida Gators current recruiting class commitments are starting to look around.

Bob Stoops is 54 years old which leaves plenty of time left for coaching. But, who knows, he may just want to finish out his career in Norman and at Oklahoma. Loading up a moving van is definitely not any fun even if you hire somebody else to do the actual work.

If I was Florida, I would give him a serious, serious look. Nothing is set in stone yet, but Stoops would be a nice choice for them and a proven commodity.

If this really does happen and the Florida job does come open, look for a lot of interest. Talk I have seen around has another former Florida assistant Dan Mullen as an option. There is the awesome Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss. These guys are a little younger and up and comers. Both would also be good choices. However, they are not long term proven options like Bob Stoops would be.


As I wrote earlier, I have no idea if Bob Stoops would ever entertain the thought of moving from Norman, Oklahoma. Maybe he is tired of living with tornadoes that come through the area so often. Maybe he would be interested in a new and different challenge. Maybe he would think he can win a national championship easier at Florida than he can  at Oklahoma.

Just fun speculation on my part and for many others, but Bob Stoops would do really well as a Florida Gator.

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