Beau Bisharat Get Ready for the Christian McCaffrey Comparisons

When Ed McCaffrey was a star Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos and he was one of John Elway’s favorite targets, all of the young white receivers in the college and high school football ranks were compared to him.

Now, with the emergence of Ed’s son, Christian McCaffrey, any good young white Running Back coming up is going to be compared to him.


‘Will Colorado football recruit Beau Bisharat be the next Christian McCaffrey?’ might get asked in the Boulder, Colorado area in the coming months.

Like McCaffrey, Beau Bisharat was also once committed to play football at Stanford. But, he

changed his mind.

Beau Bisharat is a talented young Running Back. Playing at Jesuit High School in Carmichael, California, Bisharat was recruited by a lot of schools. Supposedly, he was even offered by Alabama but if not he was offered by many, many other schools. After committing to Stanford, Bisharat backed out and he then finally decided on playing for Colorado and he has a chance to make a difference there.



It’s hard to tell what level of competition that Beau Bisharat plays against at Jesuit. But, Bisharat looks really good in his highlights.

He is not as fast as McCaffrey, but as a high school senior he is bigger. McCaffrey was about 190 in high school and he is only about 200 pounds at Stanford now. Bisharat is about 210 to 215 at 6-2.

Bisharat can run over people, but he can also put a move on a defender and take it the distance. He is a good receiver out of the backfield with really good hands. Plus, he appears to be a really physical blocker.

His father, while not anywhere near on the same talent level as Ed McCaffrey, did play college football for the Oregon Ducks. Charlie Bisharat also played at Carmichael Jesuit High School and was a Running Back for the Oregon Ducks on the 1979 and 1980 team.




Stanford was really looking forward to landing Bisharat because David Shaw loves a big Running Back. He definitely loves Christian McCaffrey but Stanford since the days of Jim Harbaugh took over a few years ago and saved the program from permanent mediocrity they have loved to use bigger backs.

Beau Bisharat would have played that big back role beautifully. Not only might he have been the next McCaffrey, he could have been the Toby Gerhart.


But, he decided on taking his talents to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Colorado was once a

football powerhouse and maybe they will be again and maybe Bisharat wanted to be a part of that.

The Buffaloes went 4-9 last season under head coach Mike MacIntyre after only winning 2 games in 2014. The Buffaloes return 9 starters on offense and 9 on defense according to the depth charts. They also add Quarterback Davis Webb who is transferring to Colorado from Texas Tech with a year of eligibility remaining.


Can California true freshman Beau Bisharat contribute as a true freshman and help the Colorado Buffaloes improve in 2016?

I have no idea, but I do know if he does he will be compared to Christian McCaffrey.

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