2014 My Very Early Top 25

1. Florida State; picking them to repeat and Jameis Winston to win back to back Heisman’s.
2. Alabama; Must find a QB
3. Auburn; Has a QB.
4. Michigan State: Defense, defense, defense. Better offense
5. Stanford; Leading West Coast resurgence.
6. Ohio State: need improvement on defense
7. Oregon: must get past Stanford for a change
8. LSU: New QB and lost good RBs but get ready for Fournette
9. Oklahoma: might should be higher
10. UCLA: Return of Hundley and Mora coaching
11. Georgia: Gurley man rules
12. Missouri: Surprise of the year last season returns good mix.
13. Baylor: Petty returns, but not sure about defense
14. USC: Not back yet, but should be soon.
15. Texas A&M: Losing Manziel will hurt and what about the defense?
16. South Carolina: Losing Shaw is big time, but defense stout
17. Notre Dame: Might be rated too high
18. Clemson: Lost too many stars
19. Texas: Strong era begins.
20. Miami: Canes did not end well but could be improved
21. Wisconsin: Good coaching
22. Ole Miss: talent coming back
23. Arizona State: Coach Graham has them playing well
24. Penn State: I believe Franklin will kill it here
25. Arizona: Coach Rod has made improvement
25. Oklahoma State: always in the thick of things these days


Texas Tech
Miss State

2 thoughts on “2014 My Very Early Top 25

  1. Alice Taylor

    Do you really think that Stanford will be as low as #5? They continue to beat up on the Pac 12, and if it weren’t for a brain fart against Utah, they might have been playing FSU for the National Championship, and last year’s Stanford defense would have shut them DOWN!!!! This year’s defense may not be quite as stout with their heart and soul leaving for the NFL, but I can’t help but think they should at least be #3! Oh, the bias of the SEC and East Coast!!! Will it ever end??? Here comes the Pacific Coast to show who rules in Football! Go Stanford! (and go Ducks and go Bruins and go Trojans, as long as you get lost in the Trees! haha!)

    1. Brad Post author

      Thanks for the comment. I love the rankings but I will be the first to tell you that they are guesswork at best. I think Stanford could go anywhere from #4 to about #7. I do like the hard nosed, old school football product they put on the field, with great defense and a solid running attack.


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