Watch Out, Clemson, Louisville is the Real Deal

Last Sunday, I got to watch the replay of the Louisville vs Syracuse game and Lamar Jackson was more than amazing. Action Jackson

Move over Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson is on the move and is the star of the future. He may even be the guy this season.

I have promoted Watson since his freshman season at Clemson and he was a top recruit coming out of Gainesville, Georgia in the incredible 2014 recruiting class.

Watson was a part time player as a true freshman and he was sensational as a sophomore last year in leading the Clemson Tigers to the national championship game. He threw for over 4,000 yards and he ran for over 1,000 and was the first player in college football history to accomplish that.

But, if you want to talk super sophomore, this Lamar Jackson is just what Watson was last season and

maybe even more, if possible.

Watson has surpassed Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette as far as media attention and it will increase fairly dramatically after Lamar Jackson just lead his team to a dominating performance against #2 Florida State.

Lamar Jackson just brings back memories of Michael Vick, Vince Young and Cam Newton. Clearly, he is not as big as Young, and especially Newton. He has all of their talents and even more, and the Cardinal players seem to rally all around him.

Right now, I am saying that Lamar Jackson is the best player in the country and the Louisville Cardinals are looking like the best team in the country. No other team, or player, could have done what the Louisville Cardinals did to Florida State on Saturday. They crushed Florida State both physically with the scoreboard, 63-20, but also more than likely mentally.

It’s not always all about the Quarterback even though this particularly one is beyond incredible. The Louisville defense was all over Florida State’s All American Dalvin Cook and they brought the heat repeatedly to redshirt freshman Quarterback Deondre Francois. The Seminoles aren’t some chumps with no returning starters. The reason so many were high on Florida State going in was that they brought back their entire offense from a year ago and many players on their defense.

They are a really good team and Louisville just dehumanized them. The game was a nightmare for Florida State from beginning to end.


Now that the entire nation has seen Lamar Jackson, he has moved to the forefront of the Heisman watch list. Many pollsters were talking last night of moving Louisville to number one on their polls and it’s easy to understand why.

Lamar Jackson is the real deal if he has his head on straight. In 3 games, the Cardinals have scored

70, 62 and 63 points respectively. The first two games they could have named their score, but against a very good team like Florida State it was very impressive.

Jackson has completed 50 out of 82 passes for 913 yards and 8 Touchdowns. He also has run through, over and around defenses for 464 yards on 49 carries and 10 Touchdowns.

Deshaun Watson, by comparison has 692 passing yards and 84 rushing yards. LSU’s Leonard Fournette has 285 rushing yards and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey has 291 rushing yards after only 2 games. The Louisville defense took care of Davin Cook’s Heisman chances on Saturday, but so far he has 228 rushing yards. With every member of his Offensive Line returning, it was expected that Cook would have a huge junior season and then declare for the NFL. All of these guys except for Lamar Jackson will declare for the NFL after this season, anyway.

Jackson is a true sophomore and won’t be able to leave college after this season. We have most of this season and the next to thrill over Action Jackson.

Could he be the first guy since Ohio State’s Archie Griffin to win back to back Heisman Trophies?

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