Virginia Tech Spring Game and 2014


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Virginia Tech football is all about Frank Beamer.  The Talking Heads of ESPN have always loved the term ‘Beamer Ball’ referring to Frank Beamer’s style of football with the Hokies. Beamer Ball is playing conservative offense that doesn’t get you beat by turning the ball over, with great defense and outstanding special teams. Beamer has always been the Hokie Special Teams coach.


Virginia Tech Head Football Coach Frank Beamer has the most wins of any active college football coach at 266. Beamer has been at Virginia Tech for 28 seasons where he has won 224 games. He’s coached Virginia Tech to 7 conference titles and has been the coach of the year in that conference 5 times.

It’s been quite a few seasons  since Beamer had Michael Vick and the Hokies played for the national title, but they are going to remain competitive as long as Frank Beamer is in charge there.


Beamer has a big problem in 2014 with finding a replacement for Logan Thomas. Thomas was a 3 year starter for the Hokies and threw for 9,003 yards over his career, The Arizona Cardinals made him a 4th round draft pick and he has already signed for 2.2 million bucks.

Thomas is 6-6, 250 and just oozing with potential and it may yet come out in the NFL. He never really got any better at Virginia Tech and threw a lot of interceptions as well as the 53 career TD passes he threw.

Hopefully, he will develop in the NFL.


Beamer is old school. He loves the defense and the Hokies have always been good on that side of the ball. His philosophy is to play great defense and win with special teams and a solid offense. The formula has not worked as well the last couple of years with Virginia Tech going 7-6 and 8-5. It’s been a long time since the days of Michael Vick and 11-1 seasons. I personally don’t feel as if Beamer can take them back to that level.



30,000 fans showed up for the Virginia Tech Spring Game maybe with hopes of seeing who will replace Logan Thomas.

Brendan Motley was the first QB to play for the Hokies and he is 6-4, 220 and extremely mobile. Motley is a tall kid and deceptively fast. Supposedly, he did not turn the ball over all Spring. He is a sophomore that has never played a down for the Hokies, but the potential is there.


Mark Leal was the back up QB last season and probably will start when all is said and done. Leal hasn’t played much but will be a senior and he has played some which is the way Beamer likes to operate generally. Motley looks like the best QB on campus right now.

Andrew Ford is a freshman at QB for the Hokies. He’s a freshman and looks like a freshman some of the time.

Soon to arrive in Blacksburg are Michael Brewer and Chris Durkin. Durkin is a freshman from Ohio who is loaded with potential. Brewer is a transfer from Texas Tech. A bit on the smallish side, Brewer is the son and the grandson of Texas Longhorn QBs that didn’t get offered by Mack Brown.



Coaches at Virginia Tech are excited about early enrollee Marshawn Williams at RB. He’s a big, strong, fast kid and at 5-11,225 he is dripping with potential. Williams should be the type of back to get the tough yard for the Hokies.



The Hokies lost a few top defenders, but Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster will always field a good defense for Virginia Tech.


Look for Virginia Tech to have another tough season pretty much in the 7-6 to 8-5 range. They should have a good defense, but their offense should continue to struggle unless they find a good QB early on. Michael Brewer can play there if given the chance and he is a winner like his father was.








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