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I personally prefer the Offensive Line, but every other football fan in the world is obsessed with the Quarterback. Any talk around the water cooler on a Monday morning between football fan, usually NFL fans, are always goign to be about the Quarterback.

Along that vein, who will be the starting Quarterback at Virginia Tech this season?

Bear in mind that long time Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer has retired. Justin Fuente is the new head coach and new coaches generally like to go with their own guys at Quarterback.

Brenden Motley is the Quarterback in the mix that returns from Frank Beamer’s last team. That puts Motley at a strong disadvantage in the arms race.

Motley is a good sized prospect at 6-3, 220 and from Christiansburg, Virginia. Last season, as a back up to Michael Brewer, Motley threw for 1,155 yards and 11 Touchdowns while also throwing 7 Interceptions. He completed just over 56% of his passes and he ran for 224 yards and 3 more


The Hokies of Virginia Tech finished Beamer’s last season with a rather pedestrian 7-6 record and they were 3-3 when Motley got most of the snaps.

The first recruiting class by Justin Fuente at Virginia Tech featured 2 Quarterbacks signed. Joshua Jackson was a 4 star recruit and the 8th rated Dual Threat guy on ESPN’s recruiting lists. He played high school football at Saline, Michigan and spurned all advances from local Big 10 schools to sign with the Hokies of the ACC. All I have seen of him is highlight videos on Hudl, but the 6-1, 205 freshman clearly has all of the intangibles. He can run and he appears to have a strong arm. He led his high school to an unbeaten season before they lost in the playoffs.

Another good thing about Jackson is that he is the son of a coach. Not only will he possess the physical talent, but he could be way ahead just because they no doubt talked football at home and he was raised to be a Quarterback, basically. Even so, he’s still a young kid and that’s a lot of pressure to put on an 18 or 19 year old trying to make an adjustment to the college game.

More than likely the starter on opening day for the Hokies in 2016 will be Junior College transfer Jerod Evans from Mansfield, Texas by way of Trinity Valley Junior College. Evans was the hope of many schools with Quarterback issues last year before he settled on Virginia Tech and Justin Fuente. With Fuente coaching a first round draft pick in Paxton Lynch last season, he is suddenly a very attractive option for Quarterbacks looking for a school these days.

The super athletic Evans is listed as 6-4, 235 and he was the 3rd rated Junior College Dual Threat Quarterback recruit in the country in the 2016 recruiting class.

Last year’s promising freshman Quarterback Dwayne Lawson a 6-6, 230 specimen from Tampa,

Florida has chosen to transfer. He must have seen the writing on the wall.

Early thinking had Evans as the starter with Motley as the backup, but Jackson has apparently made a serious run of late as he is starting to grasp the college game. There will still be adjustment issues to the college game for Jackson and even some for Evans coming from the Junior College ranks.

Motley will have his own issues with the new offense installed by Fuente’s staff.

Right now, the odds are with Jerod Evans starting with Motley backing him with Jackson getting a redshirt season. Jackson could surprise us all and become the starter.

But, stick around and find out when the season starts.

I have had this written for several days and today. Justin Fuente named Jerod Evans his starting Quarterback.

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