The Stone Mountain

A few months ago, my wife and I were driving through Atlanta, Georgia and we decided to take a bit of time and see something in that area of the world since we had not been to Atlanta all that much in our lifetimes.

We decided to stop at Stone Mountain where they have a carving something like that on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota only this one is of some Confederate Officers in the Civil War. Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis are the three men carved out of the giant rock which is called Stone Mountain.

Now, I am not a fan of the confederacy, but it is history and I like history and the Stone Mountain itself is a beautiful sight to behold. It’s truly amazing and the work is magnificent which I can appreciate.

Since that time, I have taken notice to anyone or anything from Stone Mountain, Georgia.


Preston Smith, a 6-6, 270 man plays Defensive End for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. This defense likes to call itself the Psycho Defense these days and they are pretty tough across the board. Their best player is probably Middle Linebacker Benardrick McKinney. McKinney is the team’s leading tackler and is huge at 6-5, 250 and obviously can run and he should be taken high in next year’s draft should he choose to leave early after making All SEC this season.


McKinney’s teammate Preston Smith from that suburb of Atlanta, Stone Mountain. Smith has been named the SEC Defensive Lineman for 2 straight weeks.

In week one, Preston Smith blocked a Field Goal, made a couple of tackles and had an interception. This week, the 6-6, 270 monster had 5 tackles with one of those being for a loss and a 21 yard interception return for a TD. As a Defensive End, he already has 2 interceptions on the year which is more than most Defensive backs will have all season.

What was even more spectacular about the latest interception is that he reached up and grabbed the ball with only one hand and then turned instantly and took the ball to the end zone through a bunch of UAB defenders. He was not to be denied.

A lot of talented Wide Receivers could not have made that play and Preston Smith plays in the Defensive Line.

Maybe the Bulldogs will need a Tight End in a goal line situation down the road and install Preston Smith and throw him the ball.


Preston Smith was considered a 3 star recruit and was only recruited by Kentucky and Mississippi State out of high school. He has a huge chip on his shoulder wanting to prove the Alabama, Georgia, Auburn type schools of the SEC that they were wrong about not recruiting him.

He played at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia and 29 out of 32 seniors on his high school team signed to play college football at one college or another.

After his recent success, some fan on twitter came up with the nickname The Stone Mountain obviously because Preston Smith hails from Stone Mountain, Georgia.


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