The Notebook

I decided to take the day off from college football and watch The Notebook on Saturday.


But, there are several schools this season that has football teams that are playing like they would rather be watching the Notebook.

1. Oklahoma. The Sooners just lost to Kansas State, 31-30, in a game they should have won. But, anyone can say that because the Kansas State Wildcats should have beaten Auburn earlier in the year. That’s just football. Oklahoma started the season rated in the top 5 by most. I personally had them rated a lot higher, or lower, than that at #9. I wasn’t convinced of their superiority, but I also lowered them in later polls only to see them lose in a major upset to TCU.

Then, they were run all over last weekend in the Red River Rivalry by Texas and just won the game due to Texas shooting themselves in their own feet time and time again. The Oklahoma Sooners survived the Texas Longhorns with a close win and some thought that might wake them up and they might start playing better.

The Sooners have a huge and experienced Offensive Line. They have a supposedly talented Quarterback whom Pop Singer Katy Perry acknowledged had a crush on, but since she made that confession, the Sooners and Quarterback Trevor Knight are 1-2 and could very well be 0-3.

It’s not just Trevor Knight. People that blame the Quarterback for every win and loss need to get a grip. Often, it is on the shoulders of the Quarterback, but he doesn’t block and tackle that often.

Oklahoma has gone from a shoe-in for the brand new playoff system to barely being bowl eligible. They have Baylor coming to town in a few weeks and need to get their act back together soon.

Right now, they are playing like a team that would rather be watching The Notebook, or In Her Shoes or any other number of not very manly movies.

2. South Carolina. The Gamecocks were expected to win 11 games for the 4th year in a row. They got beat in the first game like a drum and that is putting it nicely. The Texas A%M Aggies ran all over them as if they were playing Sam Houston State or Furman, or Appalachian State and not South Carolina.

They bounced back and beat highly ranked Georgia by 3 points. They lost to Missouri after having them on the ropes and they lost to Kentucky, dropping them to 3-3 on the season. They beat Furman  on Saturday to improve to 4-3.

Next on their schedule is Auburn at Auburn. That’s not an easy place to win. Ahead on their schedule, they have Tennessee and Florida and then they close with Clemson.

After next week’s trip to Auburn, Alabama the South Carolina players may get out their copies of Steel Magnolia for their trip back home because they will be sitting at 4-4 and totally out of the running for the SEC Championship.

They’ve been quite a disappointment and I don’t feel that sorry for the coach that threw one of my all time favorite players, Jadoveon Clowney under the bus.

3. Florida. They weren’t thought to be able compete for a title by some, but the SEC East is up for grabs. The Gators are sitting at 3-2 going into the Missouri game tonight. They probably beat Missouri tonight, but they have not looked that good this season especially offensively. Their defense hasn’t been that bad, but their offense is sadly pathetic.

They were blown out by Alabama which is certainly no disgrace. But, they were very fortunate to survive their game and may not have without back up Quarterback Treon Harris.

The Gators basically gave their game against LSU away with starting Quarterback Jeff Driskel throwing an interception with little time left and Florida had the lead.

Florida has Missouri tonight and then they have Georgia, South Carolina and Florida State in wait. Will Muschamp somehow survived last year’s 4-8 record, but he won’t survive another disastrous year that could be coming.


4. UCLA. Thought to be a final four team by some, they have been somewhat of a disappointment all year. UCLA started off with a win over Virginia, but the defense scored their first 21 points and their offense looked really bad and Heisman candidate Brett Hundley was sacked and harassed play after play. They won, 28-20, but nobody was impressed. The following game they had a war with Memphis winning 42-35. If UCLA was as good as they were supposed to be, they should have blown out Memphis.

They won over Texas in Arlington the next game with a come from behind win and the Longhorns are not a good team.

Finally, the team we all were expecting came to play in the desert against Arizona State and they blew them out, 62- 27.

Then, the Titanic ran into the iceberg. The UCLA Bruins lost to Utah and then got roughed up by Oregon and the dream was over.

Head coach Jim Mora and his Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich were seen fighting on the sidelines. Today, they are struggling again with Cal and then they have tough games remaining with Arizona, Washington, USC and Stanford. They are sitting at 4-2 with plenty of struggles lying in wait.

UCLA fans are crying like female movie fans watching Beaches. It’s not a pretty sight.

5. Texas. All right so the Texas Longhorns probably deserve a break because of the coaching change and not much was expected out of them in the first place. But, Texas fans think they should be in the running for the conference and national titles each and every year.

The program is a mess and it might take years to turn it around and that’s a shame because they are the only school in the entire country that have their own ESPN Network.

Notre Dame has NBC, but they aren’t completely devoted to the Fighting Irish. Mack Brown is responsible for leaving the program in such a mess. But, Charlie Strong has his work cut out for him. Whether the Longhorn faithful have the patience to give Strong a chance remains to be seen.

The Longhorns are 2-4 currently with some tough games ahead and it’s not looking good for 2014.

Just for the record, I have actually seen The Notebook. But, I have not seen Steel Magnolias or Beaches or any of those  flicks.

I am married and try to oblige.

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