Tennessee Vols Week 1

I will admit to having special feelings about Tennessee. I like the state. I like the people. I like the scenery. I like Nashville, and I like Knoxville and I even like Memphis.

I like that you can see the Smoky Mountains from the Tennessee Volunteer’s football stadium. I like their football history with Heath Shuler, and Peyton Manning. I loved Reggie White and I loved all of the old guys like Johnny Majors.

It’s a special school in a special place. Don’t hate this if you are a Bama fan or a Florida fan because I like your schools as well.


Times have been hard at Tennessee lately. They have seen some of their worse seasons in many, many years.

But, optimism is really high in Knoxville.

The Volunteers had one of the best recruiting classes in the entire country this past Winter.  This class was loaded and many of them are expected to play from day one and make a huge difference.

Tennessee is the only team in the entire country to lose every starter in both the offensive line and the defensive line.

The Vols have true freshmen starting and playing all over the place and normally that would be bad. But, these freshmen are good and they are talented and they could make a huge difference starting even with this season.


Expect a 12 round fight and going to the late rounds, said the Utah State coach Matt Wells. The Utah State Aggies have been in this situation before and they have done well. They took Auburn to the wire in 2011, and they have played Wisconsin, USC and others and have done well. Plus, they have super QB Chuckie keeton coming back and he is dangerous.

I have always been a boxing fan also and sometimes in a big fight things happen.

Well, things happened in this game to derail the 12th round fight that Utah State football coach Matt Wells promised. Utah State took an early knock out and the Vols triumphed.

This was something that was badly needed for the Vols and their confidence level.


The Vols put up 14 points early and their defense also played well and they gave Utah State a beat down 38-7.


Justin Worley looked much better with a fairly impressive 27 out of 38 performance for 273 yards and 3 TDs.

But, mostly it was the Volunteer defense that held Chuckie Keeton in check most of the night.


The Vols have Utah State, then Arkansas State and Oklahoma before taking on the SEC. They may be a year or two away still, but they should be fun to watch in 2014.

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