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Jerry Sisemore Texas All American 1970-1972

In another lifetime, so many years ago, a friend of mine was at Lake Travis, which is located outside of Austin, Texas. My friend saw a young lady sitting on the boat dock and noticed she was rather attractive. He decided great chances like these don’t always present themselves, so he walked up and started a conversation with her. She was nice and friendly and very talkative, so he thought he was hitting it off with her.

One thing started to bother him, the longer the conversation moved along. There was a letterman jacket right next to her and he noticed that it was a bit on the larger side. Football players probably don’t wear those lettermen jackets today like they did back then, or maybe I just don’t notice them. But, this one was large and he said it was very large.

My friend was a big guy, too, God rest his soul. He was still in high school at the time and he wasn’t very tall at about 6 foot even, but he was extremely solid and strong. He went to a different high

school than I did, but he had relatives in my town so he was always there and we were pretty tight.

But, there he was, lakeside with the beautiful water and the hills in the background and he had found a girl that he thought was great.

But, there was a slight problem. Well, maybe this was a larger than slight problem. Maybe this was one very big problem and suddenly that very big problem came walking down the dock towards them.

My friend was visiting with the young lady and the guy walking down the dock was looking at him. As he got closer, she introduced her boyfriend Jerry and they shook hands. My friend realized that this Jerry was Texas All American left tackle Jerry Sisemore and worked his way into the standard polite talk of nice to meet you and the sort and made his way back to the shore.

Dang, no wonder that letterman jacket was so large he chuckled on his way off. He must have been thinking he had a great story to tell.

My friend was repetitive and told me that story several times until I started reminding him that I’ve heard that one a time, or six. But, who can blame him? It’s an amusing story and a brush with somebody on the somewhat famous side of life.

As many times as he told that story, I wish I could ask him about it today. Unfortunately, not long after high school my good buddy was killed while riding his Harley outside of Austin, Texas. I don’t remember now if he was 18, or 19 years old, but he’s always been missed by his circle of friends.

One of his favorite stories, became one of my favorite stories and I have also become one of those

guys that repeats my tales. It’s not that I am annoying, so much, as it is that I don’t remember who I have told what story. But, just grin and bear it because it’s only going to get worse.

Where Jerry Sisemore grew up, there were no pretty lakes and no hills. Plainview, Texas is exactly that. It’s plain and flat and mostly farm land. What water they do have is brown and just not very pretty.

It’s a short drive from Plainview to Lubbock, at least as far as the state of Texas is concerned. But, Sisemore declined to play at nearby Texas Tech and chose to attend the University of Texas and become a Longhorn.

Freshmen football players were not eligible until their sophomore seasons until 1972 and Jerry Sisemore graduated from high school in 1969. He had to play on the freshmen team when the Longhorns won the national championship in the 1969 season. But, in 1970, Sisemore moved into the starting lineup at offensive tackle while the Longhorns were in the middle of a 30 game win streak. Texas won every game in the 1970 season and one of the polls declared them national champions when the regular season ended. Then, they lost to Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl when they fumbled the ball 9 times.

The 1971 season was Sisemore’s junior year and the Longhorns had a down year losing 3 games and all of them decisively. They were blown out by ranked Oklahoma, Arkansas and Penn State in the Cotton Bowl.

But, Sisemore was a consensus All American that season.

Sisemore followed that with another outstanding season and another consensus All American award at the end of the year. Texas started off it’s season with a 3-0 record before being destroyed in Dallas

again by the Oklahoma Sooners, 0-27.

The Longhorns got their stuff together and finished the season on a winning streak including a big win over Alabama in the Cotton Bowl, 17-13.

After his senior season of 1972, the Philadelphia Eagles picked Jerry Sisemore with the 3rd pick of the 1st round in the 1973 draft.

At Philadelphia, Sisemore was an instant difference maker and the 6-4, 265 tackle was an All Pro for the Eagles where he played for 12 full seasons.

When his great playing days were over, Sisemore returned to Lake Travis and apparently went into real estate and bought a marina. He and his wife Lisa have 5 kids and 5 grandkids.

What I don’t know is if Lisa was the girl on the dock that day so many years ago. But, if she is sitting on the dock by herself I would advise not going up and trying to hit on her. Football players can’t always fight that well, but Jerry Sisemore is still big and strong and can at the very least block you off the dock.