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Wow, Cam Robinson, Just Wow!

Seriously, what is wrong with people in today’s world?

Cam Robinson was one of the best true freshmen Offensive Linemen in the history of college football. The guy is just a tremendous talent that has #1 pick written all over him. There was a chance that Robinson could have been the very first guy chosen in the next NFL Draft. If not the very first, he probably goes among the top 5 picks. He is just that good.

But, recently, this outstanding talent was arrested with a stolen gun and narcotics, supposedly. Even if he gets off the charges, which he probably will because of the money involved here, this is just a

really dumb, dumb thing to do.

Besides, Robinson is 6-6, 325, why does a guy that size even need a gun? Not a lot of people are going to try and start anything with a man monster like Robinson.

Everything I had ever heard about Robinson had always been good. Last season, he did lower himself to get mixed up in all of that senseless trash talk. But, that is forgivable especially in today’s game.

NFL teams will probably move past this because lets face it, all they care about is money and Robinson is a superb talent that would help anyone’s Offensive Line immediately. The ideal in the NFL Draft and recruiting is that can’t miss guy, and Robinson is about as close to can’t miss as a prospect can come.

This is reminiscent of Robert Nkemdiche last year when he fell out of a second story window. A lot of people including draft experts such as Mel Kiper had Nkemdiche as the top guy in the draft. He fell almost completely out of the first round, but Nkemdiche is a totally different story in that a lot of people began to feel like he was overrated.

Cam Robinson is far from overrated, and he could be right up there with the Anthony Munoz, Tony Boselli or Orlando Pace crowd as far as Left Tackle comparisons.

Or, maybe a comparison with Dorial Green-Beckham of Missouri could be made. Here you had a 6-6, 225 Wide Receiver that won the state 100 meter championship in high school and can jump out of this world. He was about a year away from being a top 10 draft pick before getting booted from the team for committing nickel and dime crime. That’s just insane.

He is playing in the NFL now because that league doesn’t bother much with morals, but he cost himself millions of dollars for committing just almost comical crimes. Of course, no crime is really amusing other than the fact that you are awaiting millions of dollars for a reward for being a talented football player only to steal maybe hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. That’s what a stupid person would do.

The NFL loves big fast receivers so naturally they would take Green-Beckham because he was not only big, but an outstanding talent.

Like Robinson, I was a fan of Green-Beckham and his case was just heartbreaking.

Nothing final has been determined on this situation, but the difference financially from being one of the very first picks in any given draft, to a guy that people are scared to take because he has off field issues is in the millions.

Frankly, I am very disappointed in Cam Robinson. Since his high school days I have been a fan and I have promoted him on this blog, not that it matters much.

Not only is he a great player, but I also had him as a high character guy.

I truly hope I was not wrong on Cam Robinson.  I hope he learns from this and moves on to become what he is capable of being both on and off the field.

Nick Saban says Robinson will be dealt with internally, which means nothing will be done and I am not sure Robinson will have learned a thing from his huge mistake.

My favorite thing about football is seeing a young kid grow up and live up to his potential. I’m hoping that Robinson just made a huge mistake and still lives up to his enormous potential.