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Was Firing Les Miles the Right Thing to Do?

It kind of makes me feel ill thinking about the decision to fire Les Miles at LSU. But, LSU fans hate him and maybe the time was right.

Paul Finebaum said it had to be done, which is why I will question it.

Les Miles posted a 114-34 record at LSU and a 28-21 record at Oklahoma State before he was hired by the Tigers. His overall coaching record was 141-55 in 15 full seasons.

He won a national championship in 2007 admittedly with Nick Saban’s players. His team played in¬† the national championship game in 2011, but they lost to Alabama.

That was the problem for Les Miles at LSU. He couldn’t beat Alabama. No matter how well he

recruited, he just couldn’t lead his team past Nick Saban and Alabama.

But, here are the dangers.

LSU fans are like a few other fan bases out there. They think they can just fire their coach and hire anybody they want. Maybe they can, indeed. But, like Nebraska found out when they fired Frank Solich  after he led the team to a 9-3 record, not a lot of coaches want to coach for a school that will fire you after you just had a 9-3 record.

Yes, I do realize that LSU is not Nebraska. Actually, Nebraska at that time was much better. They won 3 national titles in the years previous to firing Solich and were playing for several others. Nebraska, as well as Florida State, was the biggest name in the country at that time. But, nobody wanted the job because Solich had just taken the team to 9-3 and was fired for it.

LSU probably want either Jimbo Fisher of Florida State, or Tom Herman of Houston. Fisher is a former Offensive Coordinator at LSU, so he may have some interest. But, the thinking is that he has it made at Florida State and he doesn’t have to play Alabama every season.

Tom Herman has done wonders at the University of Houston. But, he has no connections to

Louisiana State University and his dream job is supposedly at another school and he supposedly wants to wait to see what happens at that school. If he signs a contract at LSU, he may miss out at his dream school.

But, money talks and who knows how much LSU is willing to throw around. Nick Saban kind of money might interest anybody.

Ed Ogeron has been named interim head coach and he’s a former head coach at Ole Miss and that’s all I am going to say about that.

Right now, I feel pretty bad about Les Miles. But, he will land on his feet.

He’s a much better man that those calling for his head.

So, what do you think? Do you think that LSU did the right thing? It’s really easy to leave a comment here.