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Treon Harris; Miami, Florida

Miami’s Booker T Washington High School is one of the top High School football programs in the United States of America. During the 2013 football season, Booker T Washington was named national champions by USA Today.

There’s not a single area in the United States that puts out more quality college football players than Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas. If a major college football program is not actively recruiting in Florida and in the Miami area particularly, then they are missing out on a lot of incredible talent.

Booker T Washington High School in Miami had 16 seniors sign with college football programs last year and this year’s team is supposed to have 25 guys sign.

That’s a serious amount of talent and it happens year after year after year. The same thing is true at other Miami High Schools like Northwestern and then outside of Miami at St Thomas Aquinas.

The 2013 version of Booker T. Washington High School was coached by Tim Harris Sr. The Offensive Coordinator was his son, Tim Harris Jr.

Tim Harris Sr left Booker T Washington to take a job with the Miami Hurricanes as Assistant Director of Football Operations, whatever that means.

In the inspirational department, Harris is going to finish up his college degree while working there.

Offensive Coordinator and son, Tim Harris Jr, took over as head coach before the 2014 season.

Tim Harris’ younger son, Treon Harris was the Quarterback at Booker T Washington for the 2013 season and was a 4 star recruit.

Treon Harris is only 5-11, 185 which is not exactly what you would consider the prototype future NFL Quarterback but this kid was highly recruited. He originally committed to Florida State, but changed his mind and switched to one of their most hated rivals, Florida.

Coaches like Mack Brown, formerly of Texas, are responsible for all of this early recruiting and the switching of commitments from one school to another. Often, a kid will commit to multiple schools these days before signing with somebody else on national signing day.

It’s really gotten out of hand and schools are offering 8th grade kids in recent times which is wrong on so many different levels.

That is a subject for another post on this blog.

Treon Harris switched to Florida and I have no idea how the Seminoles and then the Gators got him away from the Miami Hurricanes and his family, but it may start to pay off pretty soon.

His father is on the staff at Miami and his brother went to Miami and ran the 800 meters on their track team. Brother was also a Quarterback at Booker T Washington High School and coached by his father.

For whatever reason, Treon Harris decided to leave home and go to Gainesville, Florida and play for the Gators.

Treon Harris instantly became the backup Quarterback for the Gators.

The Florida Gators missed their first game against Idaho due to the weather which clearly would have been a blowout and playing time for their backup Quarterback, Treon Harris.

In the second game, the Gators had Eastern Michigan come into town. Clearly, Eastern Michigan was overmatched and the Gators beat them up like a school yard bully winning 63-0.

Since the first game was rained out, the Gator starters needed as much playing time as possible to get ready for SEC play coming up. They had SEC opponents, Kentucky and Alabama, lying in wait.

They played starting Quarterback Jeff Driskel as much as possible because Driskel had missed most of the 2013 season because of a broken leg.

Driskel responded with 31 completions out of 45 attempts for 248 yards and 1 Touchdown.

The score was 51-0 in the 4th quarter when the new backup Quarterback, Treon Harris, finally got in the game.

On his very first pass, Treon Harris hit Florida Gator star Wide Receiver Demarcus Robinson which was good for a 70 yard touchdown.

His very next pass went to Mark Herndon for 78 yards and another Touchdown. That’s all he was allowed to throw it. His final stats in his very first college game, 2 completions in 2 attempts for 148 yards and 2 Touchdowns.

This has probably happened before in the history of college football, but I do not remember it. It’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for a true freshman right out of high school.

The Florida Gators survived the improved Kentucky Wildcats in their second game with a 36-30 victory in triple Overtime.

Jeff Driskel was 25 out of 43 for 295 yards and 3 Touchdowns. He did throw an interception, but only one.

The following week was against SEC long time bully, the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

Driskel was 9 out of 28 for only 93 yards and a single Touchdown. He threw 2 interceptions.

Proving it was not all Driskel’s fault is the matter that he was also the Gators’ leading rusher with 59 yards rushing on 11 carries and another Touchdown.

In the 4th game, the Gators traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to take on an old enemy, the Tennessee Volunteers.

The Gators have the upper hand in this rivalry with a 25-19 edge in the series standings and they have won 10 in row going back to 2005.

Tennessee looked to end that domination with a 9-0 lead on Saturday when the 4th quarter started.

The Florida Gators and their offense was totally helpless and unable to get anything going. Jeff Driskel was 11 out of 23 passing which went for all of 59 yards. Plus, he had thrown 3 interceptions. Finally, the Gator coaches had gotten tired of the struggle and they switched Quarterbacks to true freshman, Treon Harris out of Miami, Florida.

Harris did not have an amazing performance, but something about him being on the field seemed to spark his team. He was only 2 out of 4 passing for 17 yards, but the team drove the ball down the field for a Matt Jones 2 yard Touchdown run to make it 9-7. Harris led his team for another short drive which led to a 49 yard Matt Hardin Field Goal which put the Gators up, 10-9, which was good enough for the win.

Football coaches are stubborn. Will they replace an ineffective Jeff Driskel with Treon Harris next week when a limping LSU comes to town? The next three weeks are murderers row for the Gators with LSU, then Missouri and then Georgia. All of these games are must wins for the Gators and it doesn’t appear that Jeff Driskel can get it done.

Time to put Treon Harris out there and see what he can do in an entire game.