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Ohio State Quarterbacks 2017

I’ll never reveal the name of my favorite school on this blog because I want to remain appearing as non biased as I am able.

But, my favorite school has had Quarterback problems for a number of seasons. I would have kissed Donald Trump right on the side of his beautiful hair just to have JT Barrett Quarterback my favorite team.

But, in my quest for knowledge to write in this blog, I see a lot of negative comments about Barrett coming from Ohio State Buckeye fans.

They leave me scratching my head. Ohio State’s record while Barrett has been playing.

14-1 2014

12-1 2015

11-2 2016

37-4 with a national title in 2014. Barrett did not play in that game, but they wouldn’t have gotten there without him.

Alabama’s record during same time with 3 different Quarterbacks and one national title.

12-2 2014

14-1 2015

14-1 2016


Clemson’s record with mostly Deshaun Watson and a national title.

10-3 2014

14-1 2015

14-1 2016


JT Barrett has thrown for 6,381 yards and run for 2,465 yards. With a good and healthy 2017 season, Barrett will have 9,000 career passing yards and over 3,000 rushing yards. Those are pretty good numbers for just about anybody.

Still, I understand the fans wanting more. Last season left a bad taste in their mouths and the 0-31 drubbing at the hands of Clemson in the playoffs was hard to deal with.

Urban Meyer is not going to replace Barrett with one of his back ups. But, even if he did, who would he pick? The Ohio State Spring did not reveal a clear leader for the number 2 guy and probably the reason for that is the 3rd guy probably throws a Quarterback hissy fit and announces he is transferring. Quarterbacks have been known to do that.

Joe Burrow backed up Barrett last season and was somewhat impressive completing 22 out of 28 passes for 226 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Burrow was also mobile enough to run for 58 yards and another score. Burrow is a home grown boy coming from the Plains, Ohio and at 6-3, 220 he’s solid and strong enough to hold up to the punishment a Quarterback generally absorbs.

His arm is not the strongest, but he can make most of the throws and he can run well enough to operate the zone read play. He’s been in the system long enough to know the offense even with the changes brought in by new Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson.

He is cocky and he is ready.

Now Dwayne Haskins Jr is the phenomenon. The former 4 star recruit from Potomac, Maryland

once committed to his home state school, the Maryland Terrapins. But, Urban Meyer worked his magic in the 2016 recruiting class and got him to switch. Apparently, Haskins believed that JT Barrett was going to leave after the 2016 season, which didn’t happen. Haskins redshirted as a true freshman and learned the offense while bulking up a bit. He is similar size to Burrow, but a better runner and he has the stronger arm. His passes look like missiles coming out of his hand, but he also seems to have great touch on the ball. The 6-3, 215 Haskins will be expecting to at least be the back up, even though he would understandably be disappointed in even that.

Meyer is not saying who will be the back up, and it’s scary to think what the guy that loses out will do. Most Quarterbacks around the nation just transfer out.

There is a fourth Quarterback, but I don’t believe he will be in the mix as of yet.

The hotshot Quarterback from the greatest high school program in the country right now, Las Vegas Bishop Gorman, comes in this year and he came in expecting to play.

That’s probably not going to happen, but you have to like his attitude, that is if he sticks around and fights for the job next season. Bishop Gorman never lost a game while Quarterback Tate Martell played for them. They’ve actually won 54 games in a row and that’s against competition from all over the nation. They will take on all comers.

Tate Martell is by far the smallest of the group. I’ve seen him play in several high school games, highlights, clippings from Ohio State spring practices and the Ohio State Spring Game. This kid is a winner, with a huge heart in spite of his 5-11, 205 stature. Martell doesn’t even know what it’s like to lose and he could be a huge factor in next year’s Quarterback race which should be one for the ages. We will some day find out if he is the real deal, but for now redshirting is the most likely option for the 2017 football season.

For now, it’s JT Barrett at Quarterback for the perennial powerhouse Ohio State Buckeyes. But, lessons learned in 2014 must not be forgotten and you never know when you are down to your second, third, or even fourth guy at Quarterback.

I really think the Buckeyes will be fine with any of them.