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Mr ESPN Chris Berman

Today’s college football fans are so spoiled.

Growing up in the 1960’s, we had 2 television stations and they played one college football game per week. If we were lucky, we got to see our favorite teams. Or, you had to get a ticket and go to the games. In my situation, that was mostly impossible.

In 1979, ESPN was started and college football viewing would never be the same. Suddenly, we had more football to watch. It got to be more and more all of the time with other networks joining in.

From the very beginning, there was Chris Berman.

At times, it seems that ESPN shows favoritism to certain conferences, or schools. But, even if they do, as a college football fan you have to appreciate all of the extra coverage of games.

There was always Chris Berman. Some of the things people say today were started by Berman, such as “He….could…..go…..all…….the…….way” when a football player made a long Touchdown run. Or, Berman could say, “back, back, back, gone” when a baseball player hit a home run.

There are others, of course, but the point is Chris Berman is cool. He’s got a lot of personality and brings something different to the broadcast which is why he is one of ESPN’s longest tenured employees.

Chris Berman is ESPN.

On May 9th, Berman’s wife was tragically killed in a fatal accident involving two cars. Kathy Berman was married to Chris since 1983 and she leaves behind not only her husband, but two children.

Berman is no stranger to tragedy. In 2013, his father passed away. His mom followed in 2014, and a

few short years later his wife is gone.

Thanks Chris Berman for being the face of ESPN. Thanks for helping change the world of sports and especially my favorite, college football. We’ve gone from one single game a week, to as many as to possibly as many as 40 games on any given Saturday and the ability to watch your favorite team on any given weekend. Thanks goes to ESPN and pioneers like Berman that made this happen. Any Saturday in Autumn and football nuts like myself are in gridiron heaven.

Thanks ESPN and thanks Chris Berman.

I am so sorry for your losses.