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When the Food Network Meets College Football

My wife and I have been married for 30 years and obviously we dated before that, so we’ve been together for about 31 years. What a great woman she is for tolerating my football obsession among the many other things that I do. She let me watch football on our wedding night after everything else had been taken care of. What other woman would do something so thoughtful, caring and sweet as football on wedding night?

When you are with the same person for over 30 years, you had better have some common interests. Although, I am not totally convinced that she could point out the Linebackers in a defensive formation, she still watches some of the games and doesn’t try to watch Dancing with the Stars replays on a Fall Saturday afternoon. While I am pretty sure she cannot establish the differences

between man and zone coverages, I am also pretty sure that NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick cannot as well.

I am sure sometimes she becomes tired of my Fall Saturday traditions, she is such a good person for letting me indulge myself in more college football than a normal person should follow. Whoever said I was normal?

To keep things fair and interesting and hopefully allow her to continue being crazy for me, I will try to follow some of her interests and make them my own.

She is an ambulance chaser and frankly that can creep me out, somewhat. Years ago, before I even met her, I came up on an a highway accident. There was a woman standing on the side of the road crying her eyes out and holding a baby which I assumed had been killed in the accident. I do not care to ever see anything like that again.

She enjoys watching surgeries on reality television. I have to avert my eyes at times, but it’s the least I can do to watch the show with her.

She also loves things that I do, such as travel. We want to see and do the same things. She still loves to travel in spite of my football obsession coming out. While driving through northern Indiana, I just had to see the campus of Notre Dame. In Michigan, I had to go see Ann Arbor and East Lansing. The practices were closed, but we tried to sneak into the Wolverines practice before somebody yelled. My wife and I ran like a couple of thugs except we laughed the entire way.

Besides travel, another common interest that we have is cooking. I want to learn, and she is the best cook I know. Don’t believe me? Check my belly of late and I don’t even drink beer. That woman can cook and I want her to teach me all she knows. It’s a common interest and my helping out relieves her of some work around the house. I am now her sous chef, if you will.

To learn more, we watch a lot of shows on the Food Network. They have a lot of demonstrative type shows, but there are also entertaining shows such as the Next Food Network Star.

What the heck does all of this have to do with football, and especially college football?

I’m getting to that. I just wanted to write a little about my favorite person on my blog.

In one of the latest Next Food Network Star competitions was a former NFL star and also a former Arkansas Razorback.

Eddie Jackson grew up in the Dallas area and went to high school in Richardson. In high school Jackson was a Running Back in football and he ran the hurdles in track. The Razorbacks are generally good in football, but they usually have a top notch track team. They noticed the young Eddie Jackson in Richardson and signed him up for both football and track.

He was an All American as a hurdler. In football, the Pigs had a lot of depth at Running Back, so Jackson eventually moved to Cornerback on defense.

By his junior season, the 6-0, 190 Jackson had moved into the starting lineup and he was a 2 year starter in Fayetteville.

Nobody called Eddie Jackson on NFL Draft day, but he signed as a free agent with the Carolina Panthers. Jackson wound up playing some with the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins. Like so many kids in this country, Jackson grew up dreaming of playing in the NFL. Unlike so many kids in this country, Jackson actually lived out his dream. He was not a star in the league, but he was there and few people can ever make that claim.

With the Dolphins, Jackson tore his ACL and he was out of the NFL after 5 seasons.

After football, Eddie Jackson decided to follow his other passion which was cooking. He owns a food truck in Houston, but then he got his big break with the Next Food Network Star competition. With his dynamic personality, his excellent work ethic and his cooking skills, Eddie Jackson won the 11th Next Food Network Star competition.

Now, he hosts certain programs on the Network such as Kids BBQ Championship and BBQ Blitz.

Eddie Jackson is a role model and yet another example of what the lessons learned from football can do for you in life when football is over.

While he continues to grow in popularity and television time, I will be in the kitchen with my wife of over 30 years becoming a better and better sous chef.