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Dalvin Cook’s Brother James

During the 2013 season, Dalvin Cook shared time in the Miami Central High School backfield with Joseph Yearby. Cook obviously signed with Florida State and Yearby signed with Miami. After running for 4,464 and 2,119 yards respectively in their college careers, both have declared for the NFL Draft. That was one talented high school backfield, but one shouldn’t be surprised when considering the talent that comes out of the great city of Miami. Every year, South Florida is just loaded with talent and college football coaches flock there by the hundreds hoping to land some of the recruits.

Dalvin Cook was a 1st team All-American and he will be an early selection in the Draft. Yearby will probably be a free agent, but he should get his shot.

Dalvin Cook has a little brother currently starring at Miami Central, James Cook. As a sophomore last season, James showed just tremendous talent much like his older brother.

James is also a really bright young man. He was a sophomore last season, but he is taking online

courses allowing him to graduate a year early and make his way to the college ranks. He has already committed to Florida State and it’s doubtful that he changes his mind.

Graduating from high school early may become the next big thing with Jake Bentley at South Carolina Bentley moving on a trend that could have been started by Shreveport Evangel’s John David Booty almost 15 years ago. Skipping senior season of high school

The Seminoles lost older brother Dalvin, but they have Jacques Patrick returning. Plus, they signed possibly the nation’s best Running Back recruit in Cam Akers, a 5 star guy from Clinton, Mississippi. Florida State also signed 4 star Running Backs in Khalon LabornĀ  from Virginia Beach, Virginia and Zacoundre White from North Fort Myers, Florida.

James Cook apparently has little fear of competition and feels like he can come in a year early and compete.

James supposedly does not mind the comparisons to older brother, which is a great thing. When I watched his highlight videos on Hudl, the first thing I actually thought of was older brother Dalvin Cook, or Jamaal Charles.

James Cook running with the ball makes the other players on the field seem as if they are trotting and not really trying. He appears as if he is shot out of a cannon. Dalvin is listed at around 215 pounds and James is supposedly 190. But, he is really young and the size will more than likely come. The

quickness that he demonstrates is almost breathtaking.

Well, his speed does take my breath away as a lifetime football fan. I love to watch a guy like this run.


Florida State has been recruiting so well in recent seasons and they could be well on their way to another dynasty period like they had during Bobby Bowden’s tenure. Dynasty

It will be tough with Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech and other ACC schools on the move.



But, Jimbo Fisher is accumulating the talent that is necessary to win big.

Miami Central will more than likely be televised next season and if you are interested in watching an up and coming super star be sure and catch James Cook.