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Rashan Gary Michigan

Last year’s top rated recruit, 2015 class, was Byron Cowart from Seffner, Florida and he wound up signing with Auburn and having a disappointing season and he complained some about lack of playing time.

The season before that the top player was Leonard Fournette and he was every bit as good as expected. Robert Nkemdiche was the top man in 2013, and after a somewhat disappointing career at Ole Miss he has declared for the NFL.

Leonard Fournette is a different type of beast than these other monsters. But, there are a lot of similarities between Rashan Gary, Byron Cowart and Robert Nkemdiche other than just being

Defensive Linemen.

Nkemdiche I have blogged about here a couple of times. On paper, he is one of the most awesome players ever. At 6-4 and around 295 pounds he supposedly can run in the 4.6 area in the 40 yard dash. He never quite became the dominating college player that we had expected, but he was still good and should be a first round pick in this year’s draft.

Cowart is a little smaller at 6-3, 275, but also is supposed to be able to run a 40 yard dash in the 4.6 range. I don’t know exactly how accurate either of those 40 times, but both of these guys are really explosive and especially Cowart.

There’s not much to go off of with Cowart at Auburn since he only totaled 6 tackles as a true freshman. But, in high school, he showed some incredible quickness coming from his Defensive End position.

Nkemdiche played Defensive End as a true freshman, but they moved him inside as a sophomore so that teams could not run away from him. But, he was not dominating inside and he was often handled fairly easily by Offensive Guards.

Nkemdiche did get to touch the ball a little as a junior from the Tight End position and he got to carry the ball as a Running Back in goal line situations.

They may all be similar, but from what I have seen Rashan Gary has all of the strong characteristics from Nkemdiche and Cowart and none of their weaknesses.

Gary is listed at 6-4, 285 and supposedly has 4.75 40 speed. But, if you have seen Gary play, he is at

least as quick as Cowart and is far faster than Nkemdiche.

Gary just comes off the edge like he is shot out of a cannon. His coaches lined him up at Defensive End at times and at Defensive Tackle. At nearly 290 pounds, he is big enough to play Tackle, but he also has the speed, athletic ability and reaction time to play outside at End, as well.

In 2016, I expect Rashan Gary to have at least as immediate of an impact as Joey Bosa at Ohio State and become a far bigger difference maker than either Nkemdiche or Cowart.

He’s just an amazing talent and the entire world should find that out pretty early next season. As a high school player, Rashan Gary has been described as terrifying. Coming off the edge to high school Quarterbacks, I am pretty sure he was pretty scary.

I am thinking the Michigan coaching staff lines him up at Defensive End next season and lets him continue his horror show at the college level.

Time will tell, but I think Rashan Gary is the best recruit to come out in quite a few years.