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Jerod Evans of Virginia Tech Reminds of Dak Prescott

Family members and friends that like the Dallas Cowboys asked me what I thought of the last NFL Draft for the Cowboys. I told them they got an outstanding player in Running Back Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State and he will be a beast. Right on the money for myself, but that was a no brainer.

I also said if Jaylon Smith of Notre Dame recovers from his knee injury, he will be amazing. But, that is still a big if.

Fans are obsessed with the Quarterback and they would get around to asking about Dak Prescott. I said he could be good, but it will be a few years before he is ready to play.



Hey, everybody misses on players and those same family members and friends will ask me again

about next year’s draft. My opinion matters about as much as Paul Finebaum and Colin Cowherd in the big picture, but I don’t have a television show.


It’s certainly an honor to be compared to Dak Prescott these days, and first year Virginia Tech Quarterback Jerod Evans reminds me a lot of Prescott.

Dak Prescott of Mississippi State was a three year starter for the Bulldogs, but was really strong his last two seasons.

Prescott was always listed as 6-2, 230 with a good arm and outstanding running ability and power.

Ever have a conversation with another football fan about how much of the game is physical and how much is mental? To be great, you have to have a lot of physical ability which we all can clearly see. But, you must also have a lot of mental ability. What we didn’t know about Dak Prescott from his playing days at Mississippi State was how mentally prepared he was. The man definitely has that ‘it’ factor going for him.

Junior college transfer Jerod Evans is supposedly 6-3, 238. He’s a big guy like Prescott with similar talents. During his first season in a top Division 1 football conference against top competition, Evans threw for an impressive 3,552 yards and 29 Touchdowns. Of course, being somewhat comparable to

Prescott, Evans also ran for 846 yards and 12 Touchdowns.

Virginia Tech in the last years of legendary coach Frank Beamer has been very average. But, they were very smart in lining up former Memphis coach Justin Fuente as his replacement. The transition has been really smooth and it resulted in the 10-4 season in 2016. They signed highly regarded Junior College transfer  Evans, who made a huge improvement instantly.

After an expected early loss to Tennessee at Bristol in front of the all time largest college football crowd. Then, a misstep at Syracuse, the Hokies won 5 of their last 6 games to win the ACC Coastal Division.

Virginia Tech got down early to Clemson in the ACC Championship Game, but fought back gamely to lose only by 7 points, 35-42. They gave powerhouse Clemson a frightening ending. A Quarterback and his leadership abilities are a great part of what happened with the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Jerod Evans is clearly a leader and a fighter. There is no quit in either him, or his teammates on either side of the ball.

Their bowl game win over Arkansas is a clear example of the heart this team shows. The Razorbacks had the Hokies down 24-0 before Virginia Tech mounted a huge comeback winning the game, 35-24.

Evans threw 8 Interceptions on the season, and a critical one in the first half of the Arkansas game. But, great Quarterbacks have short memories when it comes to mistakes and recover quickly.

Jerod Evans has all of the tools to be a great Quarterback just like Dak Prescott.