SEC East vs West: Georgia vs Alabama

Alabama is without a doubt the king of the SEC, East or West. They have won almost double the  number of football championships than their next closest rival. Alabama has 24 SEC championships and the next closest is Tennessee with 13.

But, the next closest to Alabama after the Volunteers is Georgia with 12. Tennessee’s last SEC championship was in 1998 and Georgia’s last was 2005.

A lot of experts have penciled in Georgia as East Champion in 2015, and written off Alabama as a former dynasty on it’s last legs.

Both proclamations are a bit premature to say the least.

Georgia is favored by an entire point, which doesn’t show a lot of confidence in the Georgia Bulldogs if Alabama is supposedly falling apart.

The reason people have jumped off the Alabama bandwagon other than ESPN told them to do so, is the loss to Ole Miss.

Were we watching the same game? There was a tremendous amount of luck involved and it could have gone either way.

Alabama is still a good team with a lot of talent and will bring a difficult challenge for the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt surprised most football fans by naming Virginia graduate transfer Greyson Lambert as his starting Quarterback.

Lambert was beaten out at Virginia by Matt Johns and he decided to transfer elsewhere. I’m not sure what this says about the quality of football in the SEC because both teams have former ACC Quarterbacks as their starters.

Lambert has been good for the Bulldogs and especially against South Carolina when he threw for 330 yards and 3 Touchdowns while hitting 24 out of 25 passes. That’s not a typo, he really hit 24 out of 25 passes which is hard to do playing catch in the front yard.

He has hit 52 out of 68 passes on the season so far, and has 733 yards and 7 Touchdowns. He has yet to throw an Interception.

These are very impressive stats, but can he put up those kinds of numbers against an Alabama type of team?

Normally, a good passing team tends to do well against Alabama.

Georgia is more known right now for Running Back Nick Chubb and for his sidekick Sony Michel. In four games, Chubb has right at 600 yards rushing and Michel has right at 225 yards. Between the two of them, they have 10 rushing Touchdowns. Chubb is averaging 8.44 yards per carry and Michel is 6.97 yards per carry.

Like Quarterback Lambert, can they do this against a better defense? Alabama can definitely play the run and they have all of their Defensive Linemen back from a year ago. The Georgia Bulldogs probably have the best Offensive Line in the SEC, but how will they hold up against the top Defensive Line in the SEC?

Georgia’s offense against Alabama’s defense is what I am looking forward to seeing the most. I’ve been a fan of Left Tackle John Theus for a while and when you have a back that is averaging over 8 yards per carry it’s not all the Running Back.

On the opposite side of the ball, the Georgia Defense is supposed to be improved led by Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. The Georgia Defense is ranked 14th in the nation in total Defense, but South Carolina is a dud Offensively and so is Vanderbilt. The other teams they have played are the typical modern day Junior Varsity teams and not much competition.

Can Georgia stop one of the best Running Backs in the country in Derek Henry? Henry averages 6.30 yards per carry going in.

Alabama also has an ACC reject starting at Quarterback, but the rest of their starters are members of some of the best recruiting classes in the history of college football. Write them off all that you like, but this Alabama football team is just loaded on both sides of the ball.

They did lose to Ole Miss and at home, but that game could have gone either way, easily.

If Georgia does win this game, they are going to be in the driver’s seat to win the SEC and possibly a playoff berth and a national championship.

On the other hand, if Alabama loses, then they will be in a position that nobody foresaw ahead of time with 2 losses and plenty of tough games awaiting with many teams that would love nothing better than to beat Alabama.

ESPN Game Day is at Clemson, South Carolina for the game between Notre Dame and Clemson. But, they could just as easily be in Athens, Georgia for this marque match up.

This is not only one of the better games of the week, it’s also one of the best games of the season.


I’m not indicating which team I am pulling for, but I am predicting that Alabama puts to bed all of the talk of their dynasty being over and wins over Georgia.

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