Ryan Nall of Oregon State Reminds me of …………

John Riggins. Don’t laugh, I’m totally serious.

I do realize that’s a pretty high complement and I am not saying that Ryan Nall is that good. But, on September 1st when the Beavers of Oregon State opened their season at Minnesota, Nall caught a screen pass from new Quarterback Darrell Garretson and he reminded me of Riggins when he ran.

John Riggins is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and he was an extremely rare talent. Riggins was a sprinter in track at 6-2, 230 and he ran the 100 yard dash in under 10 seconds. No, he wasn’t in the same league as an Olympic sprinter, but Riggins was pretty fast for a 230 Fullback type of player.

Riggins played college ball at Kansas and he was a first round draft pick. In the NFL, Riggins ran for over 11,000 yards in the NFL and is considered one of the all time great power runners. He led the Washington Redskins to a Super Bowl Championship and he was the Super Bowl MVP.

John Riggins was kind of a big deal. Being compared to him is a huge honor and again I am not saying Nall is anywhere near that good.

But, when he runs with the ball, Nall does remind me physically of Riggins.

Riggins was 6-2, 230 and Ryan Nall was supposed to be 6-2, 250 when he was listed as a Tight End. Now, he is listed as 6-2, 235. His speed is supposed to be 4.6 in the 40 yard dash. Last season, when playing the Oregon Ducks in the Civil War he had a 66 yard Touchdown run where he took off and left 2 Oregon Defensive Backs that are supposed to be really good Ryan Nall as Freshman

The Oregon State Beavers opened their season on Thursday Night, September 1st on the road at Minnesota. The Gophers won the game, 30-23, but in spite of that the Beavers looked better than they did a year ago and they should win some games.

Transfer Quarterback Darrell Garretson, who came to Oregon State from Utah State and he has some game experience from his time with the Aggies.

Ryan Nall had 13 carries for 71 yards averaging 5.46 yards per carry. He also hauled in 8 passes for

another 80 yards.

Maybe if Oregon State had gotten the ball in his hands more often, they could have left Minnesota with a 1 in the win column.

Nall joins 6-5, 225 Wide Receiver Jordan Villamin as the big time players on the Oregon State Offense. However, Villamin did not have a great night in Minnesota since he only had 1 reception for 5 yards. Last season, Villamin only had 43 catches, but the problem was the Beavers had a lot of inconsistencies at the Quarterback position playing 2 true freshmen. Oregon State needs to keep feeding the ball to Ryan Nall and Jordan Villamin.

Jordan Villamin is more than likely going to declare for the NFL Draft after the season ends and he needs to have a really good season. He has the tools and the size to make a very good NFL Wide Receiver.

Ryan Nall is just in his sophomore season in 2016 and it should be a good year.

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