Ryan Nall Busts Loose Again

Yes, I do know that the California Golden Bears have a weak defense.

But, that doesn’t take away that much from Ryan Nall’s 80 yard Touchdown run against them. Plus, the rest of his performance. The Oregon State player has quietly become a very exciting player.


They always say that the first drive of the 3rd quarter is the most important, because it establishes who is in control of the second half of the game and the way the game finishes. If you can drive the

ball and score immediately in the first drive of the third quarter, you can start a comeback, or you can add to your domination of the game.


Oregon State needed just one play to score in the opening drive of the third quarter with former Tight End and huge Running Back Ryan Nall making the season highlight film. I’ve been writing about this guy since last season. Nall  and here: Nall

With good blocking by his Offensive Line, Nall cut up field behind his Left Tackle Sean Harlow and Guard Dustin Stanton who had created a huge hole. Nall was past Cal’s first 6 defenders in a second. As he hit the first down marker, he cut to his right to avoid the safety Luke Rubenzer. Nall left Rubenzer grasping at air and the Safety dove at him to make the tackle, but Nall easily escaped him. Because of the cutback to avoid the safety, the Linebackers he had run past were getting back into the picture.

Nall was up to the the 50 yard line by then and a Cornerback, Darius Allensworth came in to make a tackle and Nall had cut back to his left to avoid the other Corner, Marloshawn Franklin.

Former Quarterback Seth Collins of Oregon State, now playing Wide Receiver, made a fantastic block on Devante Downs  of Cal and knocked him out of the play, after he had tried so hard to get back in it.

Cal Cornerback Allensworth was now the only player with a shot at Nall. Allensworth  was faster than Nall in a 100 meter dash, but this was not a track event. This was football, and  Allensworth weighs 190 and Nall 235. Nall is football fast and was headed for the pylon at the corner to his left with Allensworth in hot pursuit. The announcers are going nuts when Allensworth caught up with

him at about the 2 yard line, but Nall dove for the end zone and just made it in.


What an incredible run from a guy that nobody expected to possess such talent.


Nall’s incredible run extended the lead to 24 to 10 for the Oregon State Beavers over the Cal Bears.


Oregon State coaches play another Running Back, Artavis Pierce, who is smaller and quicker at 5-11, 200.

The following Beaver drive with Pierce in at Running Back, Quarterback Darell Garretson  made most of the critical runs and the Beavers kicked the Field Goal to make it 27-10.

Cal has a great offense and it’s hard for a bad defense like Oregon State’s to stop them very often. They scored fairly easily and made it 27-17 for the Beavers.

The Beavers got the ball back and from their own 33, Ryan the Wrecking Nall was at it again. Quarterback Garretson gave the ball to Nall, and he hit the hole where the Beaver Right Tackle had cleared his man to the inside. Nall was hit by a Cal Defensive End and just ran over the End dragging the man along the ground without losing much speed. Nall cut to his left to use his blockers in the secondary. he made the Linebacker miss and the Cal Safety Rubenezer was again scrambling to catch him but his efforts were futile.

Nall was off to the races again with most of the Cal secondary in pursuit but several Oregon State Wide Receivers were downfield blocking their hearts out.

Cal Cornerback Franklin came in from the side and got a left hand on Nall, and he reached around

and gets his right hand around Nall, but Nall is not easily brought down by one man.

With the announcer screaming that Ryan Nall is possessed, Cal Defensive Backs Trey Turner and Joshua Drayden, also came in from different directions and there were 3 guys draped on Nall at the 20 and hanging on for dear life.

Turner and Franklin fell away, unable to maintain their free ride from Ryan Nall, and finally Drayden trips Nall up with Rubenezer finally catching up from behind. Nall is down at the 5 yard line for a beautiful and inspiring 60 yard run. This guy is a beast.

With great class, Oregon State head coach Gary Andersen gives the ball to Nall again and lets him score.

The Oregon State Offensive Line on this play just blew the Cal defense off of the ball and all the way to the end zone and Nall basically scores easily. He deserved that.


That was Nall’s third Touchdown of the night to make the score 34-17 for the home town Beavers.


Oregon State followed  that up with freshman Jalen Moore making a huge tackle on the kickoff at the 8 yard line. The Cal return man, Demetrius Robertson, another freshman had dropped the ball at the goal line to slow him up.

The Oregon State coverage team was all over him before he got to the 10 yard line and they were led by Moore.

Of course Cal is dangerous and the Beavers don’t have a great defense, or even a very good one.

During the 4th quarter the game gets even more exciting with the Beavers of Oregon State with a lead. But, don’t count out Cal and Sunny Dykes, and they came storming back.


Cal tied the game up with 5 seconds left at 41 all.


In Overtime, Nall is never even in the game and Quarterback Darell Garretson ran the ball in for the winning Touchdown.


Oregon State torched California’s defense for 474 yards rushing with Ryan Nall running for 221 yards of the grand total.

Nall averaged nearly 16 yards per carry on only 14 carries.


Why doesn’t Ryan Nall get to carry the ball more? He is averaging nearly 7 yards per carry on the season.



Last year against Oregon he ran for 174 yards and that long run that clearly showed great speed. I did write about that demonstration of athletic ability here: Run which is the same link as above.

Ryan Nall is also an outstanding blocker and had several key blocks in this game taking out several defenders. He has power, speed and excellent vision. He uses his blockers well and sets the defenders up and accelerates through any opening they created. He can get the team the tough short yardage and he can break the long ones.

He’s the total package.

So, again, why doesn’t he get the ball more? This guy is close to a super star in the making and he needs to be on the field and often with the ball in his hands.

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