Royce Freeman Oregon

Another talented guy in the 2014 Running Back recruiting class. Freeman is probably the least appreciated Running Back in the country and he is about as good as any of the others.

As a freshman in high school, Freeman got to play a little on the varsity and he ran for 225 yards on 26 carries. He took his second carry for 63 yards.

When he was a sophomore, Freeman ran for 2,075 yards at a very impressive 12.8 yards per carry. He had 35 rushing Touchdowns and another 2 Touchdowns on receptions.

Freeman ran for 2,482 yards and 34 Touchdowns during his junior season. His last season of high

school was his best, yardage wise, when he ran for 2,824 yards and 41 Touchdowns.

During his high school playing days, Freeman ran for 7,606 yards and 111 Touchdowns. He also caught 33 passes for 416 yards and 6 more Touchdowns.

Freeman had a nice high school career, but stats doesn’t always mean that much. What means more is that he was about 6-0, 230 and he can run.

ESPN recruiting had Royce Freeman rated as a 4 star recruit and the 10th best Running Back in the country. Leonard Fournette was the highest rated Running Back and recruit over all in 2014. Such stars as Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb and Jalen Hurd were rated ahead of him. But, Freeman has done about as well as anyone and it feels as if he is ignored by the national media when compared with the other Running Backs.

The Oregon Ducks had some Running Back talent when Freeman signed with them in 2014. The season before, sophomore Byron Marshall ran for 1,038 yards and 14 Touchdowns and freshman Thomas Tyner ran for 711 yards and 9 Touchdowns.

Freeman, Marshall and Tyner were expected to share Running Back duties in 2014. But true freshman Freeman took over running for 1,365 yards and 18 Touchdowns.

Returning backs Marshall and Tyner dropped off somewhat with Marshall gaining just 392 yards and a single Touchdown. Tyner ran for  573 yards and scored 5 Touchdowns.

Freeman just exploded in 2015 with 1,836 yards and 17 Touchdowns.

Unfortunately, for Freeman, a fellow down in Palo Alto, California named Christian McCaffrey had a season for the ages. Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook also had tremendous seasons with Cook

even fighting through injuries.

Freeman just never got the national attention that he deserved. A case could also be made that nobody East of the Rocky Mountains even know about Freeman. Many didn’t know much about McCaffrey until the Rose Bowl when he ran all over the Iowa Hawkeyes who were supposed to have a good defense.

The Oregon Ducks played in a minor bowl on January 2nd and in the evening when a lot of college football fans were just bowl gamed out and just waiting for the national championship game between Alabama and Clemson.

Royce Freeman, the 6-0, 230 speedster from California is probably one of the best unknown players in America.

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