Players Declaring for the NFL

If you have read this blog in the past you will know that I am a huge believer in college football players getting their degrees. A small percentage of high school football players get the opportunity to play college ball. Even fewer get the chance to play in the NFL. Even those that get the chance at the NFL average 4 years in the league.

Very few are the ones that make the million bucks, but everybody seems to think that they will be that guy without a college degree to fall back on.

On the other hand, if a junior is going to be a first or even a second round pick, he should jump on that chance.

But, many juniors declaring for the NFL are not even drafted and then they are on their own without a job and without a degree.


Here is the latest list of college players leaving college for the NFL, 102 players in all:



By position:

QB: Jared Goff – California: Although I have been critical of Goff on this site as far as an NFL prospect, he will still be the first one picked probably. Goff is really accurate with his throws and has a lot of talent. I am just concerned with his potential to improve.

QB: Christian Hackenberg – Penn State: Extremely gifted Quarterback, but struggled a lot the past two seasons. I thought he should stay in school and I don’t believe he will go in the first few rounds. But, NFL franchises are desperate for QB’s and some make really bad decisions. On the other hand, Hackenberg took a beating at Penn State and he could have been injured in a return to school. The thinking is that the Houston Texans and Bill O’Brien who recruited him to Penn State could pick him with the 2nd or 3rd pick.

QB: Cardale Jones – Ohio State: NFL teams are desperate for Quarterbacks and Jones is projected as a mid round pick. There was talk of Jones being a first round pick last year, but that’s just nuts. Who would pick a QB that had started 3 games in college with a 1st round pick? But, that’s the

reason there are franchises like Cleveland and Jacksonville. Even if Jones returned to school, he would have been on the sidelines and would not have improved his draft standing.

QB: Paxton Lynch – Memphis: Lynch I have been blogging about for a while. He could go really early in the 1st round and a guy like this should easily come out. He’s a 6-7 Quarterback that runs like a deer and has a really strong arm. Lynch has come a long way and could be a real star for many years.

RB: Ezekiel Elliott – Ohio State: Duh, he should be the first Running Back picked. Always come out if the money is that high.

RB: Jordan Howard – Indiana: Howard is a big back with decent speed which is highly desirable for NFL teams. Howard battled through injury problems after transferring to Indiana from UAB. Howard should be a 2nd or 3rd round pick if not later.

RB: Paul Perkins – UCLA: I really like Perkins. I blogged about him in the Spring of 2014 before he was a star. He is not only a good back with the ball in his hands, but he’s also really natural at picking up the blitz and he is an excellent receiver out of the backfield. He probably goes in the 3rd round, or even 4th. But, he probably doesn’t improve his draft status by coming back since next year there will be a number of top Running Backs like Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin

Cook, Royce Freeman and Nick Chubb.

RB: CJ Prosise – Notre Dame: Prosise played Wide Receiver up until injuries prompted the Irish coaches to try him at Running Back. Prosise is 6-1, 220 with excellent speed. In his only season as a RB, he topped the 1,000 yard barrier. Some think he may be a first round pick, but that is way too early in my opinion.

RB: Kelvin Taylor – Florida: The son of Fred Taylor, Kelvin Taylor ran for over 1,000 yards this past season. Next season will be loaded with Running Backs, so even though I feel he is not ready, he is not going to improve his chances to be picked higher next season.

RB: Derrick Henry – Alabama: Heisman winner, but that doesn’t always guarantee being picked in the first round, or NFL success. Henry has mixed reviews by different scouts. They are saying late first round to even 3rd round.

RB: Wendell Smallwood – West Virginia: Smallwood did run for over 1,500 yards in 2015. But, that doesn’t mean he is going to be picked by anybody. I think some of these guys are getting really bad advice. Smallwood is a good college Running Back, but he will be lucky to be picked in a later round.

RB: Dwayne Washington – Washington: Washington is leaving Washington after rushing for 282 yards as a junior. I am serious. He has had some injury problems, but he was also passed no the depth chart by a talented true freshman. The only thing I see in Washington’s favor is his size at 6-2, 225, but he’s a free agent at best.

RB: Alex Collins – Arkansas: This is a player that I could get behind and support leaving early. Collins broke the 1,000 yard barrier every year at Arkansas and he has the size, speed and the

intangibles to be a fairly high pick.

RB: Jonathan Williams – Arkansas: The other half of the Arkansas star RB tandem over the past few years. Williams missed most of 2015, but still decided to go to the NFL. He will need to test well and prove he is over his injury. A foot injury can be hard to get past, but if healthy Williams is every bit the equal of other backs out there.

RB: Peyton Barber – Auburn:  Barber is a big back at 5-11, 225. The downside is that he’s only really played one season of college football. Unless Barber just blows people away at the Combine, I don’t see him going before the middle round. Coming back to school may have been the right thing to do, but then he would have to compete with Fournette, Cook, McCaffrey, Chubb and others.

RB: Keith Marshall – Georgia: I would say he’s making a mistake, but he has earned his degree so why not take a shot. There’s no way that he’s going to be drafted, but he could stick as a free agent in the right circumstances. Marshall was one of the top high school recruits in the country coming into Georgia, but injuries and Todd Gurley happened to him. Nick Chubb also came along as well as Sony Michel. Playing time for Marshall was limited and if Chubb is healthy in 2016, leaving might be Marshall’s best option. At least he has his degree.

FB: Glenn Gronkowski – Kansas State: Gronk Jr does have a famous name, but many teams don’t even use a Fullback any more and a Fullback is easy to pick up in free agency. His advantage is his name and that alone.

WR: Bralon Addison – Oregon: Unless he runs a 4.3 40 at the combine, I am not sure how popular he will be with the scouts. He also missed 2014 due to a knee injury. I would guess a mid to late round pick, if that.

WR: Demarcus Ayers – Houston: Ayers was pretty good for Houston this past season, but that was his only really good one and 5-11, 190 Wide Receivers are very common. Ayers redeeming quality may be as a return man.

WR: Tyler Boyd – Pittsburgh: Some don’t think much of Boyd, but I do. He’s 6-2, 200 and has been a play maker for the Panthers for the past 2 years. However, he has had questionable hands a couple of times in big play situations. With a new coach his numbers were slightly down this year.

WR: Daniel Braverman – Western Michigan: Huh? This guy should have stayed in school. He is listed as 5-10, 175 but that is more than likely a stretch. He is fairly fast and has good hands and stranger things have happened like Wes Welker, but Braverman will not be picked and he might not even land with a team. It makes no sense to come out early unless you go in the first couple of rounds.

WR: Corey Coleman – Baylor: Coleman is better than most 5-11, 190 Wide Receivers, but most of his big numbers came early in the season against bad teams. He had 20 Touchdown catches, but 0 from the moment Baylor played it’s first decent team. He should be a mid round pick, in my opinion.

WR: Pharoh Cooper – South Carolina: Another 5-11 guy, but he is stronger than most at 207 and

he is a big play guy against most any competition. The South Carolina situation is a mess and Cooper probably did the right thing by leaving. Cooper was a game breaker for South Carolina, but should be a 2nd to 3rd pick.

WR: Will Fuller – Notre Dame: I have a feeling Fuller will dominate the 40 yard dash at the Combine. Fuller was one of the more explosive players in the country over the past couple of seasons. He is a serious deep threat and I would guess 2nd round for him, but he could go earlier if he tests out of this world. He is not a big guy at 6-0, 185, or he would go earlier.

WR: Cayleb Jones – Arizona: Jones is a big strong guy and he has good hands. I question his speed, but we will find out soon enough on that. NFL teams will like his size, but maybe not enough to use an early pick on him. His father played LB in the NFL, and his uncle Jeff Blake played Quarterback for 14 years at that level. His cousin plays Wide Receiver for the St Louis Rams. Jones should make some team, but would he have been better off money wise by waiting? He probably goes in either a very late round or is a free agent.

WR: Kenny Lawler – California: Lawler is a tall, thin guy that is hard to cover. He scored 13 Touchdowns last year at Cal. He seems to possess really good speed and runs good routes. The problem with NFL teams might be his lack of muscle. His QB is leaving for the NFL, so it makes sense that he would leave as well, but another year of off season workouts could have done wonders for him. I would guess a 2nd to 3rd round pick for Lawler.

WR: Jalin Marshall – Ohio State: Redshirt sophomore, this guy can play, no doubt. But, he’s another 5-11 WR and those guys are really common. Ohio State took a beating with guys like this leaving early and Marshall probably should have returned to school.

WR: Michael Thomas – Ohio State: Thomas is 6-3, 215 and the nephew of former NFL great Keyshawn Johnson is a talented guy. He should go in the draft pretty early if he tests well at the combine. Thomas could go as early as the 1st round, but probably a little later.

WR: Laquon Treadwell – Ole Miss: I have a lot of respect for Treadwell because of the way he rehabbed his injury from a year ago. If you had seen the grisly injury that ended Treadwell’s 2014

season, you might respect him as well. He is a talented guy, but proved he has the work ethic to get the task done. He should go in the first round and be a star on Sundays.

WR: Rashard Higgins – Colorado State: Higgins has good length, but is a little on the thin side. He was especially outstanding as a true sophomore in 2014 with 1,700 receiving yards and 17 Touchdowns. But, he played against questionable competition. If he does test well, then he could go fairly early. I always think a guy should stay in school and beef up to the right size, or whatever the circumstance is. The difference in 1st round cash and 2nd and 3rd round is huge and if you can get into the 1st round by coming back and working hard then you should do so. But, apparently, I am the only one left in America that believes that.  Higgins, more than likely, goes in a mid round.

WR: Roger Lewis – Bowling Green: I am generally opposed to a player in the MAC leaving early. However, Lewis lost his coach and the new system might not star him as the last one did. Lewis put up some incredible numbers in 2015 and they played some decent teams, too. He is 6-2, 200 and like other players will really need to test well.

WR: DeRunnya Wilson – Mississippi State: I have seen bad things written about Wilson. But, he is 6-5, 215 and a former Mr Basketball in the state of Alabama. He is super athletic with the ability to make the circus catch. He does, however, have questionable hands which could drop him in the rankings. Physically, he is off the charts and the tall Wide Receivers are really loved by NFL teams. Wilson is probably a 3rd or 4th rounder.

WR: DeMarcus Robinson – Florida: I thought he should stay in school. He is 6-1, 205, but has been inconsistent at Florida. He could use another year at Florida, but that’s just my opinion.

WR: Marquez North – Tennessee: I’m not seeing it. There was a time when he looked awesome and like the Vol receivers of the old days, but the past two years he has not been healthy and he has suffered on the field. In my opinion, coming back to school and having a big season puts him in a nice position to be taken fairly early. But, as it is, he is a free agent at best.

WR: Thomas Duarte – UCLA: He is a big guy at 6-2, 225 but not particularly outstanding. Duarte probably goes in the middle to late rounds. He was sensational freshman Josh Rosen’s go to guy in the Red Zone. If he was taller he might go fairly early, but as it is I think staying in school would be best for him.

TE: David J Grinnage – North Carolina State: I have mixed feelings about Grinnage. He has the size at 6-5, 265 and the Wolfpack used him a little in the passing game where he demonstrated some

ability. He might be a mid round pick, but would playing another season improve that?

TE: Hunter Henry – Arkansas: Most complete Tight End in college football, probably. He is 6-5, 255 and has great hands. They say he did not drop a single pass all season and his heady play saved the game for the Razorbacks against Ole Miss. He is a good blocker and an even better pass catcher. I will be surprised if he lasts past the 1st round, but you never know what teams are looking for. If you are a first rounder, you need to come out.

TE: Austin Hooper – Stanford: Like Henry, Hooper is a talented receiver. Playing at Stanford, you know he can block, but he was also one of Kevin Hogan’s most reliable targets last year. Notre Dame and Stanford are always placing Tight Ends in the league and Hooper should be the next.

OL: Caleb Benenoch – UCLA: Benenoch probably should stay in school and live a good life and maybe he could work his way into first or second day standing. I think people see him as a head case and I don’t think he goes very quickly in the draft. He is 6-5, 305 and has played at Right Tackle for the Bruins since his true freshman season.

OL: Jack Conklin – Michigan State: Conklin was set to come back to school, but I guess they got to him. The former unranked recruit has come full circle and is projected to be a first round pick. He

is 6-6, 325 and doesn’t allow many sacks.

OL: German Ifedi – Texas A%M: He is 6-6, 335, but did not have a good junior year. He should be a mid rounder, probably, but could have improved his standing in the Draft by returning for another season.

OL: Alex Richmond -UCLA: First off, he’s a guard which would not go very highly even if he was the best out there. Secondly, he quit the team right before the bowl game and hired an agent. Marginal player at best and will be passed over if NFL teams are smart. He might sign with some team, but I wouldn’t give a guy a shot that quit on his team right before their last game.

OL: Isaac Seumalo – Oregon State: Good player, but even the best of the Offensive Guards tend to slip to later rounds. While he is good, I wouldn’t put him in the category of best Guards.

OL: Laremy Tunsil – Ole Miss: Tunsil, in spite of off field issues that had him missing the first 7 games, should be the top Offensive Tackle taken. His leaving early is what is called a no-brainer.

OL: Shon Coleman – Auburn: I have written about Coleman twice on my blog. He is the guy that beat Leukemia to come back and become an excellent Left Tackle. Coleman is not only a graduate from Auburn, but he has already earned his masters. There’s really no reason for him to return unless he just loves college football.

OL: Jerald Hawkins – LSU: Hawkins is 6-6, 310 and an excellent run blocker. He could play Guard or Tackle and could go in the 2nd round if he tests well.

OL: Denver Kirkland – Arkansas: Kirkland got ripped by some for his play at Left Tackle. But, Kirkland was incredible at Right Guard and should go back to Guard in the NFL. At 6-5, 340 he

definitely fits more into the Guard position better.

OL: Avery Young – Auburn: I don’t see any reason why Young should leave early. He fought through some injury problems and played some Guard and Right Tackle for the Tigers. He has played quite a bit for the Tigers, but I feel like another year could do wonders for his draft stock.

DE: Joey Bosa – Ohio State: This beast should absolutely come out. He could be the very top pick unless he does really poorly at the combine which is highly unlikely. Shocking things can happen on draft day, but Bosa will go really early even if not the top pick.

DE: Shaq Lawson – Clemson: Excellent prospect that was a killer at Defensive End for the Clemson Tigers. He gave first round pick Ronnie Stanley and Lawson was the player that everyone thought Robert Nkemdiche should be.

DE: Alex McCallister – Florida: At 6-6, 235, McCallister has a ways to go. But, Florida booted him from the team so he may have nowhere else to go. He definitely has potential, but then he looks like a guy that could be a problem for a team as well. I know a lot of Dallas Cowboy fans and this may be your guy.

DE: Yannick Ngakoue – Maryland: Undersized for a Defensive End at 6-2, 255. He will have to

play Linebacker at the next level. However, he is an outstanding pass rusher totaling 13 last year as a junior.

DE: Ron Thompson – Syracuse: Thompson is much like Ngakoue in that he measures around 6-3, 255. He is athletic and quick coming off the edge and was also something of a sack artist. Both of these guys will have to test very well to catch the eye of NFL scouts.

DE: Kevin Dodd – Clemson: Dodd was a beast much like his counterpart, Shaq Lawson. Dodd really came on strong late and had a superb 2 games in the Playoffs. He totaled 12 sacks on the season and at 6-5, 275 he should go very early in the draft.

DE: Kamalei Correa – Boise State: Another undersized guy that is going to have to switch positions in the NFL. He is 6-3, 245 according to what I have seen and that often turns out to be less when the real tape measures come out. He’s probably trying to get away from the blue turf which I can’t blame him.

DE: Emmanuel Ogbah – Oklahoma State: Ogbah is probably going to go pretty early if he tests really well. He is 6-4, 275 and lives in opponents backfields. He had 13 sacks last year and he is pretty quick coming off the edge. I could easily see him going in the first round.

DT: Kenny Clark – UCLA: The 6-3, 310 Clark was one of the more productive Defensive Tackles in the country. He’s even a pretty good pass rusher from his inside position. I don’t see any reason why Clark won’t go pretty early right now.

DT: Maliek Collins – Nebraska: Built like a Nose Guard at 6-2, 300 and I am thinking the height gets lowered a bit by NFL tape measures. Collins will plug up the middle pretty well.

DT: Quinton Jefferson – Maryland: Listed at 6-3, 290, his size will probably not excite any NFL teams. But, he was pretty productive for the Terrapins. I feel like he should have come back and improved his game.

DT: Austin Johnson – Penn State: I thought Johnson was possibly the best Defensive Tackle in the country over the past two seasons and the numbers bear that out. He was 3rd on his team in tackles and he lives in opponents backfield. He is 6-4, 325 and is quick enough to be good at rushing the passer.

DT: Chris Jones – Mississippi State: The 6-6, 310 Jones is definitely big, but he’s relatively inexperienced. He’s really athletic for his size and a good pass rusher. He could be a mid round draft pick, but I feel he should have stayed in school.

DT: Darius Latham – Indiana: The Hoosiers have not been known for Defense over the past few

seasons. But, the 6-5, 300 Latham has been pretty solid at Defensive Tackle. But, he will have to have a really dominating workout for NFL scouts to make a move in the draft.

DT: Robert Nkemdiche – Ole Miss: Nkemdiche was supposed to be the top pick this year. But, a very average season and some off field issues has his stock dropping. When the testing begins, Nkemdiche will blow everybody out of the water and his standing will improve again. Jerry Jones must be drooling.

DT: Noah Spence – Eastern Kentucky: The former Ohio State star finished his career at Eastern Kentucky. His drug addiction is apparently a thing of the past and he was a beast last season at Eastern Kentucky. It’s thought that Spence could slip into the first round, but I would guess he slips into the second.

DT: Willie Henry – Michigan: The Wolverines had an impressive defense even before Harbaugh arrived on the scene. Henry is a 6-3, 310 run stopping Tackle that is also a good pass rusher. There is a lot of competition in this class and Henry will need to test well.

DT: A’Shawn Robinson – Alabama: Robinson should go pretty high. He is a beast and a sure thing first round pick. He is going to go pretty quickly and will more than likely be a dominating force for years.

DT: Vincent Valentine -Nebraska: Valentine is green and he should come back for another season. But, even though he doesn’t have huge numbers, he has been fairly good at getting to the Quarterback.

DT: Andrew Billings – Baylor: Excellent run stopper and a surprisingly good pass rusher. Billings is expected to be a 1st rounder and at 6-2, 310 could play the Nose or the Tackle position. He needed to come out.

DT: Hassan Ridgeway – Texas: The 6-3, 320 Ridgeway came on late last season, but he could have benefited from another year in college. He could be a late pick or a free agent. With a strong senior season, Ridgeway could have made a lot more money.

LB: Dominique Alexander – Oklahoma: Alexander led the Sooners in tackles in the past couple of seasons. He’s not particularly large for an Inside Linebacker, but he runs well. Probably, Alexander is a mid round pick.

LB: Su’a Cravens – USC: Cravens is kind of a tweener being a former safety that is sort of big for a safety and small for a Linebacker. He can run and should go by the 2nd or 3rd round. Going back to school probably wouldn’t have helped Cravens out much.

LB: Leonard Floyd -Georgia: Perfectly built Linebacker with the ideal size and speed and he should be a first round pick. Good idea for him to come out and he should go in the 1st round.

LB: Myles Jack – UCLA: Jack was injured most of his junior season and declared while dropping out of school. If Jack can prove he is over his injury, he could be a very early pick. He should have at least finished up the semester at UCLA.

LB: Darron Lee – Ohio State: Extremely fast Linebacker that could go in the first round or early second.

LB: Steve Longa – Rutgers: Great tackler for the Scarlet Knights, but not particular big or fast. Probably he goes in a late round, if at all. Classic example of a player that really should stay in school.

LB: Stephen Weatherly – Vanderbilt: Great size at 6-5,250, but almost no chance he gets picked. Vanderbilt is a great school, why not stay?

LB: Scooby Wright – Arizona: The nation’s leading tackler in 2014, he missed most of the 2015 due to injury. He came back in the Wildcat’s bowl game. With Reggie Ragland and a few other Linebackers available, Wright should drop to the 2nd to 3rd round if not further.

LB: Travis Blanks – Clemson: 6-1, 210? There’s almost no shot at the NFL.

LB: Beniquez Brown – Mississippi State: Brown isn’t too bad, but he’s marginal and there’s only a slim chance he picks up any interest unless he tests off the charts.

LB: Brett McMakin – Northern Iowa: Nobody has ever heard of this guy, but I actually like him. He has a motor and a lot of heart at 6-4, 220. I really would be surprised if he is picked, but he may get a shot as a free agent.

LB: Nick Vigil – Utah State:Vigil is the younger brother of Zach Vigil who plays for the Miami Dolphins. Nick was a pretty good Fullback for Utah State in 2014, and he was their leading tackler this year. Vigil has a pretty good shot at making a team, but if anything he will be a late round pick.

CB: Eli Apple – Ohio State: Eli Apple is a modern day Cornerback and has that good size that NFL teams are looking for now. He is 6-1, 200 and he should be either a first round or a second round pick.

CB: Artie Burns – Miami: I like Burns because he is a ball hawk. Supposedly, he has outstanding speed and we should find out soon. The thing hurting Burns in this draft is Ramsey, Fuller,

Hargreaves, and Alexander. There is a lot of competition for the top Cornerbacks getting picked.

CB: Kendall Fuller – Virginia Tech: Fuller was my top Cornerback last year before he was injured. Fuller, if he has recovered, should be an early pick. Fuller will be the youngest of 4 brothers to play in the NFL.

CB: Vernon Hargreaves III – Florida: A lot of scouts think Hargreaves is the best Cornerback, but I have him as my 3rd behind Ramsey and Alexander. He is 5-11, 200 with all of the intangibles. I expect all 3 of these guys to go in the first round and maybe a couple of other Cornerbacks as well.

CB: Xavien Howard – Baylor: Although he does have good size at 6-2, 200, I wouldn’t expect Howard to go before the top 4 rounds. In that case, he should have stayed in school.

CB: Damontae Kazee – San Diego State: At first glance, Kazee is just an average 5-11, 185 Cornerback. But, then you look at his 8 Interceptions and you know this guy is a ball hawk and a play maker. Kazee also returned punts and returned one for a Touchdown. It’s not likely he is drafted, but he could surprise.

CB: Jalen Ramsey – Florida State: Ramsey should be the top Cornerback picked in the draft. He’s absolutely doing the right thing by coming out. If he does everything right in the combine, he could be a top 5 pick.

CB: KeiVarae Russell – Notre Dame: Russell hasn’t played since 2013 and it’s a gamble for anyone taking him. He may be picked on potential alone but not before the mid rounds probably. Why not return to the greatest school in the country and try and improve standings?

CB: Cleveland Wallace III – San Jose State: A 5-11, 175 CB has little chance of being picked and returning to school would have been the best move.

CB: Daryl Worley – West Virginia: Worley is not a bad player and he has that appealing size for a Corner at 6-2, 200. Plus, he had 6 picks this past season. In spite of the positive things, it’s still going to be a hard thing for Worley to move up that much in this draft with so many talented Corners.

CB: Mackensie Alexander – Clemson: Talented, talented player and the only guy I saw shut down Will Fuller of Notre Dame. I was disappointed that he left Clemson, but he should be a top 15 pick in my estimation.

CB: Rashard Robinson – LSU: Robinson was not on the Tigers last season and was supposedly trying to come back. Instead, he decided on entering the draft. He has been listed anywhere from 6-1 to 6-3 and he is pretty thin. He has a troubled past including breaking into a teammates apartment. He is still well thought of as a football player and he could be picked mid round. I would think playing another year in college would be better for him. But, if he is a burglar, college may not be his thing.

CB: Zach Sanchez – Oklahoma: Ball hawk, but very thin and needs to muscle up. He will probably go in a mid round. I think he should come back and gamble on bulking up a bit.

CB: Corey Tindal – Marshall: Averaged sized Corner, but he was productive for Marshall last season. I don’t believe he will be picked.

DB: Vonn Bell – Ohio State: Bell is a top player and could go as early as the 2nd or 3rd round. I’m

not sure that coming back would have improved his standing all that much.

DB: Keanu Neal – Florida: It’s supposed to be a deep Safety draft and Neal probably doesn’t go early. Why not come back and try and go higher next season? At best, Neal is a mid round guy. This is a guy that should stay in college for another year.

DB: Tyvus Powell – Ohio State: Powell has been a top player for the Buckeyes, but Safeties rarely go that early. Powell should be a mid round pick and I think he should have returned to school. Most will disagree with me. The Buckeyes took it on the chin with the early declarations.

DB: Jayron Kearse – Clemson: Kearse did not play that well in the championship game. But, he is huge at 6-4, 220 and he can run. I doubt he is a first round pick, but he should be close. Kearse should be a really good NFL Safety.

DB: TJ Green – Clemson: Green is green like his name with only one year as a starter under his belt. Just the type of guy that needs another year of college ball to show to NFL scouts. I don’t get it. He is a mid rounder at best. With a fantastic senior season, he could be picked in a lower round and the money difference is incredible.

K: Roberto Aguayo – Florida State: Two years ago, Aguayo was definitely the top kicker in the country and he has not produced as well in recent seasons. When do kickers come out early? It’s more than doubtful that he even gets picked.

P: Eric Enderson – Delaware: Punters are just not picked and this is a huge mistake. The best shot you have is a try out and the chances are not likely.

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