Other Than Leonard Fournette of LSU

Everybody is talking about Leonard Fournette and the Heisman this year, and rightfully so. I do think it’s amusing that the great Shaq tweeted out that Fournette will win the Heisman and we all heard it from him first. Yep, you are right, Shaq, I haven’t been hearing that since he was in high school 2 seasons back. Fournette was one of the few high school recruits that the media had winning the Heisman as a true freshman.

We’ve all got it now, Leonard Fournette is the stuff of legends. Heck, I have been pimping him myself on this blog for two years already.

Yep, so, we all know about Leonard Fournette. But, what about some other Running Backs out there in the 2015 season?

Of course, there is the other SEC sensation out of Georgia, Nick Chubb.

People often forget that Sony Michel was the more highly thought of prospect coming in, but Chubb took advantage of his opportunities last year and became the star. Before the season got going, Chubb may have been the Heisman favorite.

Chubb ran for over 1,500 yards as a true freshman and now as a sophomore has right at 600 yards after 4 games.

Leonard Fournette has 631 yards after only 3 games.

Ezekiel Elliott out of Ohio State is nothing to sneeze at and he may have been another Heisman favorite before the season started. I suppose the favorite would depend on who you have been talking to.

The Buckeyes got off to a slow start and his stock quickly dropped along with a lot of negative backlash about the Buckeyes and their schedule among other things.

In the 2014 season, Elliott ran for an impressive 1,800 yards, but he really turned it up a few notches in the Big 10 Championship game and in the playoffs. He ran for almost 700 yards in the last 3 games.

This season, Elliott has 451 yards and 5 Touchdowns.

Jordan Howard has been great as a junior at Indiana and after 4 games he has 675 yards rushing. As a sophomore, the 6-1, 230 power back from Gardendale, Alabama ran for nearly 1,600 yards at the

University of Alabama at Birmingham. He transferred to Indiana and took up where departed Tevin Coleman left off. Through an undefeated 4-0 start, Jordan Howard has already run for 675 yards and 4 Touchdowns. Of course, this next weekend they have the top ranked Ohio State Buckeyes coming to town. Last year, the Buckeyes were obviously national champions, but Tevin Coleman ran for 228 yards and 3 Touchdowns against them. While Ohio State hotshot Running Back Ezekiel Elliott ran for 107 and a score. There’s no guarantee that the Buckeyes will slow down Howard, or the Hoosiers. The Hoosiers also have 3 of the better Offensive Linemen in the country in Right Guard Dan Feeney, Left Tackle Jason Spriggs and Right Tackle Dimitric Camiel.

I’m not predicting Indiana to upset Ohio State this weekend, but they have only been 5-0 once in their history and it was in 1967 which I wrote about here: http://collegefootballcrazy.com/indiana-hoosiers-1967/

Dalvin Cook from Florida State may like to punch women after telling them to google him, but he was acquitted so I can only believe he is innocent. Whether he is an Angel or a Devil is not for me to say, but the guy can play some football. Last year out of Miami, Florida Cook led the Florida State Seminoles in rushing with over 1,000 yards on the season. This year, he is off to a bang yet again with 476 yards and 5 Touchdowns after only 3 games. He blistered South Florida for 266 yards in their second game. Cook is a smaller back than the Fournette, Chubb and Jordan Howard type of backs but he is pure speed.

Nick Wilson of Arizona exploded onto the scene in 2014 as an almost complete unknown smashing the 1,000 yard barrier and even beating more highly covered Royce Freeman of Oregon. In the 2015 season, Wilson has 570 yards so far and 5 Touchdowns. Wilson was actually recruited to Arizona as a sprinter, so the guy can fly much like Dalvin Cook.

Paul Perkins at UCLA was not a surprise last year, but he probably did much better than expected with over 1,500 yards. Perkins is off to another great start with 514 yards rushing and 6 Touchdowns. Perkins can do it all as a runner and a blocker and also as a receiver out of the backfield. At 5-10, 210 Perkins is a great all around back.

Royce Freeman of Oregon is a big back at 6-0, 230 and with good speed and he took the nation by surprise last year by running for over 1,300 yards. In 2015, he has run for 450 yards and 5 Touchdowns.

Derrick Henry at Alabama is sometimes a forgotten man and I don’t know for the life of me why. Henry has 422 yards rushing and 8 Touchdowns so far.

Alex Collins is a star Running Back at Arkansas and even though the team is a mess this year, Collins is a bright spot again with 502 yards rushing and 4 Touchdowns.

Devon Johnson of Marshall is one of my favorite backs out there at 6-1, 245 and he can move. He ran for over 1,700 last season and has 390 so far this year. Marshall is not as good as in 2014 with the loss of their outstanding Quarterback. But, Johnson is a huge back that can move.

Devontae Booker at Utah was a junior college transfer a year ago and ran for over 1,500 yards. This season Booker has led the surprising Utes to a 4-0 record and 443 yards and 4 Touchdowns.

Justin Jackson from Northwestern was another surprise last season running for over 1,000 yards. This year, the veteran is off to a good start with 516 yards rushing.

Elijah Hood is a Running Back at North Carolina and he was one of my top picks last year and disappointed. But, this year he has 384 yards and will continue to get better.

Kenneth Dixon from Louisiana Tech may be one of the better Running Backs across America that nobody knows about. Dixon has run for 524 yards and 5 Touchdowns so far this year.

Christian McCaffrey at Stanford is off and running for 445 yards so far this year and should keep getting better.


There are a number of great Running Backs out there this season and it’s fun to watch all of them in action.

This very weekend, we have a match up between Georgia and Nick Chubb and Alabama and Derrick Henry.

Stay tuned.

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