Other Sporting Events.

Believe it or not, there are a couple of sporting events that compete with College Football to be on my favorites list.
mercer dance

The NCAA Basketball Tournament and it’s impossible bracket are about as fun as anything possible in sports.

I particularly love the first Thursday and Friday of the tourney when the #1 seeds take on the #16 seeds. If you picked Mercer to beat Duke, you are a lot smarter than I am and my hat is off to you. However, just rest assured that I don’t claim to know all that much about basketball.

I did not see Dayton stunning Ohio State. dayton celebration

There’s no way I was going to pick U Conn after they got drubbed by Louisville in their conference championship 81-49. I think in most brackets I picked Florida because they looked really good and played great defense. conn

This was a fun event as usual. So what if I probably finished in the 3 millionth range on my bracket, it was still fun.

Congrats to U Conn, both men and women.

My other big sporting event favorite is the Master’s. I hated watching golf until I started playing it. Now, I love it and am obsessed with golf.

Who is going to win the Masters?

Not this guy. tiger

Definitely not this guy. charles barkley golfing

Could it be this guy? jordan spieth

Might be this guy? phil

Twice in a row? adam scott

Nah, it’s probably going to be a complete surprise. This game is really harder to predict than anything. brandt snedaker

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