Oklahoma Spring Football 2014

Oklahoma held out 15 important players during this game. Hard to get a real good feel for how good a team is going to be with a good portion of their players out, but it’s hard to tell off watching Spring Games, anyway.

The best thing about Spring games to me is the opportunity to see the back ups and get a feel for who may emerge in a program.

When my next poll comes out, I am definitely moving the Sooners closer to #1, due to a number of factors. The Oklahoma defense should be much improved next season. They also have a very favorable schedule.

Plus, I just like the way Oklahoma does things. First of all, they still use a Tight End. I have been puzzled for a while why some college offenses have done away with the Tight End. A good Tight End is one of the best weapons in football and Taylor McNamara from San Diego, California looks like a future star for the Sooners. Former QB, Blake Bell, did not play at all in the Spring Game meaning nobody really knows how he will do with the shift to Tight End just yet.

OU also uses a Fullback and I mean really uses a Fullback.

Also, unlike it’s bitter enemy to the South, OU is willing to do anything and go anywhere to land talent. Texas is not as lucrative a hunting grounds for talent as it used to be for them for whatever reason. OU is willing to hit California, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Florida and the rest of the Deep South. All Californians don’t want to live in LA and attend USC and all top recruits from the South don’t want to go to the SEC schools. The Sooners have loaded up on talent from their home state, plus wherever they have to go to supplement that.

It’s a good plan and worked for a Sugar Bowl victory over seemingly invincible Alabama.

One more thing, Bob Stoops basically told his opponents to stick it going in to that game and then he backed it up.


However, I am still confused on the real Trevor Knight. The Knight that played in the Sugar Bowl was very impressive. The one that played most of the season and in the Spring Game was a little inconsistent. Honestly, Baker Mayfield, the transfer from Texas Tech looked like the best QB in this game. He has a live arm and he is super quick. Mayfield will have to sit the year out, but he will compete in 2015. I don’t quite understand why Texas Tech allowed Mayfield, the much better player, to transfer to a team they must play every year. While they refused to let Michael Brewer transfer to Texas. Mayfield is the better player than Brewer.

I believe Daryl Williams, the Right Tackle, was the only starter to play in the Offensive Line. OU got the chance to look at some back ups and the results were mixed. The defense pretty much dominated the scrimmage.


The offense did have it’s moments and it’s stars.   Taylor McNamara looked awesome at TE and had a couple of TD receptions, and the Sooners will more than likely use him in 2014 pretty often and especially in the red zone.

Keith Ford, Alex Ross and Daniel Brooks all had their moments at Running Back. Brooks had probably the play of the day on a long TD run.

Watch out for Jordan Smallwood at WR. He’s a big guy with speed and hands from Jenks, Oklahoma.


There were several defensive players that stood out for me.

Eric Striker from OLB got 2 sacks in a row, and this guy will be frightening to Big 12 offenses next year. Charles Tapper at DE was All Conference a season ago and he will be an All American candidate in 2014.

Jordan Evans looked good at LB.

Charles Walker and Matthew Romar were 2 young DTs that impressed me with their quickness. Romar is a bit undersized, but really moves well. Zach Sanchez is on the smallish side as well but he does nothing but make play after play.


The Sooners look prepped and ready to make a run at the Big 12 title and more. They also have some talent coming in that should help right away.


Like a couple of other schools, OU used the Spring Game as a tool to promote their school to future recruits. They have some nice facilities and had no problem pimping them during this game.


Nice turnout at game. Sooner fans are excited about next season and with good reason.







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