Nick Chubb Georgia Injury

Nick Chubb is one of the nation’s great players and sadly he went down with a severe knee injury on Saturday against the Tennessee Volunteers.

This is going to add fuel to the fire of the media monsters promoting Leonard Fournette sitting out next season.


Chubb was not even the highest rated Running Back recruit in the 2014 Georgia class. That honor belonged to Sony Michel from Plantation, Florida. Michel was the 2nd rated Running Back recruit in the nation only behind some guy named Leonard Fournette coming out of New Orleans.

Nick Chubb was no slouch, either, coming into Georgia as the 7th rated RB recruit in the country.


Todd Gurley was the star Running Back at Georgia in 2014. The plan was to continuing starring Gurley and push him for the Heisman and to bring his replacement, Michel along slowly. But, Nick Chubb quickly out played Michel.

Gurley was suspended and Sony Michel got injured and Nick Chubb took over and ran for an impressiveĀ  1,547 yards at over 7 yards per carry and 14 Touchdowns.

Incidentally, Todd Gurley came to Georgia with the 2012 recruiting class in much the same way as Chubb. Keith Marshall was the hotshot Running Back recruit ranked 2nd in the country and Gurley was more of an afterthought coming to Georgia from Tarboro, Georgia and not even ranked as a Running Back, but considered an Athlete because he could have played another position.

Gurley was the star and Keith Marshall is still trying to earn playing time and fighting through injury.


Nick Chubb was having another fantastic season with 745 yards rushing after 5 games and averaging over 8 yards per carry.


That all came screeching to a halt against Tennessee on Saturday in Knox

ville when Chubb suffered a brutal knee injury on the sideline after his first carry of the game.

Unless you have been living under a bridge, or just don’t follow the game, you have seen the injury on Sports Center or some other news outlet. The seriousness of the injury is still not known, but they are saying it’s possibly not as bad as it first appeared.

We can assume that the Georgia Bulldogs are now left with Sony Michel, Keith Marshall and Brendan Douglas at Running Back.

Feel sorry for Nick Chubb, but don’t feel that sorry for the Bulldogs. They will be all right with Michel, Marshall and Douglas if they can stay healthy.

But, the Georgia Bulldogs have their backs against the wall and can’t lose another game all year if they are to have any chance at all at winning the SEC.



Nick Chubb has been one of my favorite players to watch over the last season and a half and I am truly unhappy about his injury. It stinks for Nick Chubbs and for the Georgia Bulldogs.

But, I don’t want to see college football players sitting out their junior years and not playing football for fear of injury.

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