Never Cry in Football

Never cry in football, at least until the clock runs down to 00:00 in the 4th quarter. After that clock hits zero, go ahead and cry all you like. But, don’t cry while the game is still going and you actually have a shot at winning the game still.


Another example of why you don’t cry during the game was the Stanford vs Oregon game in 2013.


Stanford had Oregon at home and just dominated them. The Stanford offense was it’s normal sort of boring pound it out style and was just marching up and down the field on Oregon. The Ducks, on the other hand, were stale and struggling due to the stinginess of powerful Cardinal defense. Oregon turned the ball over twice inside the red zone and Stanford was destroying the Ducks 26-0.


It was the beginning of the 4th quarter and the Ducks were frustrated. I am not naming names, but one of the Oregon Ducks’ top players was standing on the sidelines and was crying fairly significantly.

He somewhat reminded me of a teenybopper watching the ending of The Notebook and don’t ask me how I know about the ending of The Notebook.

Oregon Duck QB Marcus Mariota showing what kind of leader he is was standing next to him and talking to the player about getting his attitude right.


The score was 26-0 and Oregon drove the ball down and Mariota hit Duck receiver Daryle Hawkins for a score making it 26-7.

Stanford went back to their dominating selves and drove it down the field again. Oregon had stopped them on a 3rd down and Stanford coach David Shaw elected to go for a Field Goal.

The Ducks blocked the kick and Rodney Hardwick scooped up the ball and ran it back 65 yards and suddenly it was 26-13. Stanford went for 2 and made it but the play was called back because the Oregon receiver had stepped out of bounds.


Oregon went for an onside kick and recovered for another shot.


Mariota led the Ducks down the field but took too long before scoring on 4th and goal from the 12 yard line.

The score was now 26-20 with 2:12 left on the clock and tried another onside kick which failed.


Stanford’s Offensive Line was just too strong and Tyler Gaffney too tough of a Running Back. The Cardinal ran out the clock and took the win.


Now was the time for the unnamed player to watch the ending of Ole Yeller and let those tears flow.



During the 2004 season, Vince Young of Texas was horrible early on. Texas lost to Oklahoma 12-0 and Young couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with the football. Texas played Missouri and the fans booed Young. He was pulled in favor of back up Chance Mock.

Fans even wanted Vince Young moved to Wide Receiver or Safety. He did much better the following week against Texas Tech, and the following game against Colorado both games on the road.


Oklahoma State came to Austin to play the Horns. Oklahoma State was giving Texas a beat down and was up 35-7 in the second quarter. Vince Young looked at his teammates and said ‘this ain’t happening’. Young led the team down the field and scored before the half making the score 35-14.

Second half was a completely different game and Texas won it 55-35 and was one of the wilder games at DKR Memorial Stadium. The evening was electric as everyone from the band to the students to the little blue haired ladies were standing and jumping up and down.


You just don’t quit until it’s over, and then you still don’t quit.


In 2005, the same thing happened again against Oklahoma State and Texas came back against Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. Texas came back against USC as well and won the National Title.

Colt McCoy brought Texas back almost countless times while he played QB there if he was healthy and in the game.

No matter what team you play for or what team you play for, just keep on fighting until it’s over.


What if Joe Montana had cried at the start of the 4th quarter in the Cotton Bowl in 1979’s Chicken Soup game? That great come back would have never happened.


Frank Reich was the Quarterback for the Maryland Terrapins when they played Miami in 1984. The Terrapins were down 31-0 in the first half to an undefeated Miami Hurricane team that had won the national championship in the 1983 season.

Maryland came back and won 42-40.

Reich was the back up Quarterback for the  Buffalo Bills when they were losing to the Houston Oilers in the NFL playoffs in 1993. Reich was playing because starter Jim Kelly was out and they were down by 32 points and came back to win in Overtime, 41-38. It was and still is the largest comeback in NFL history.


Michigan State fell behind Northwestern 38-3 in the 3rd quarter and came back to win, 41-38.


That’s why you don’t quit and start crying with the game still going.


I’ve never cried from losing a football game. I just get angry. But, if you want to cry then that is fine. Just don’t do it while the game is still being played and your team has any kind of shot at all of coming from behind and winning.

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