Mr Basketball, ugh….. Mr Football

I thought since tonight is the NBA draft, I would write something sort of about basketball.


Being named Mr Basketball in a state that is so basketball proud is a tremendous accomplishment and is such a huge honor.

Some other states thought it would be kind of cool to copy the state of Indiana and the Indianapolis Star and have their own Mr Basketball.


Even the state of Indiana and the Indianapolis Star thought it would be fun to copy themselves and they created a Mr Football.


Mr Football in Indiana just doesn’t have the same amount of prestige as Mr Basketball.

But, it is still an honor and something to be proud of.


I read on Wikipedia that Rod Woodson was Indiana’s Mr Football in 1982. The main problem with that, is that the Mr Football Award wasn’t around until 1992 according to every other source I have seen. Woodson as Mr Football would have been good for the award because he is one of the top

Defensive Backs to ever play the game and Rod Woodson would have looked really good among the list of some of the bigger name award winners. I am fairly certain that Rod Woodson was the state of Indiana’s top football player in 1982, but according to multiple sources the official Mr Football award did not even exist when Rod Woodson played high school ball. Always double check your facts if you are going to write.


The first award winner in 1992 was considerably much lessor known Alex Smith, who was obviously not the same Alex Smith that plays QB for the Kansas City Chiefs. This Mr Football Award winner also named Alex Smith played Running Back at Franklin County, Indiana and then for the Indiana Hoosiers and later the Indianapolis Colts.

Some bigger name Mr Football Award winners were Rex Grossman, Darren Evans, Tre Roberson and Gunner Kiel and even some of those guys are unknowns.


The latest winner of the Mr Football Award is Terry McLaurin of Indianapolis, Cathedral High School.  McLaurin is 6-0, 185 and runs the 40 in the 4.4 range. McLaurin and Cathedral High won the Indiana state football championship in both 2012 and 2013.

McLaurin was the 6th rated prospect in the state of Indiana and he signed with the Ohio State Buckeyes. The top rated prospect, according to most, in Indiana was Austin Roberts, a big time Wide Receiver that signed with UCLA and I am not sure why McLaurin was picked over Roberts for Mr Football.

Last year’s Mr Football for the state of Indiana was Jaylon Smith, an OLB from Fort Wayne who signed with Notre Dame and was an instant star.


In 2014, Mr Football in Indiana should be Darren Kirkland, a 6-2, 225 ILB from Indianapolis Central who is committed to Michigan. Or, it could be Josh Barajas, a 6-3, 210 ILB from Merrillville that is committed to Notre Dame.


Indiana’s Mr Football will never replace a Mr Football of a state like Florida but talent is where you find it.

Some excellent Indiana football players over the years include Mark Clayton, Jay Cutler, Chris Doleman, Ron Fellows, Abe Gibron, Jeff George, Gerald Irons, Alex Karras, Lamar Lundy, Rick Mirer, Mike Phipps, Scott Studwell and Rod Woodson.

No college football program in it’s right mind would have turned away Rod Woodson whether he was a true Mr Football or not.

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