LSU upsets Ole Miss

This was my game of the week and it lived up to all of they hype and then some. LSU fans and Ole Miss fans alike were on the edge of their seats on Saturday night. Nobody got up to go to the public restrooms. Nobody left the game early. Nobody left their television sets. Forget about the 10-7 score, this game was intense from the opening kickoff until the final interception by LSU Defensive Back Ronald Martin.

Some fans want a 61-58 final score to have an exciting game, but this game matched just about any game so far this season with it’s extreme intensity. I was personally almost exhausted at game’s end and I did not even suit up.

Most polls moved LSU out of the top 25 for a few weeks. Why? They were never out of my top 25. Why would you move a school out of the top 25 when their only losses were to the number 1 team and to the number 4 team? Mystifies me, and the LSU Tigers just needed to find their identity for the 2014 season and now they have. I currently have the LSU Tigers at number 11 on my poll and they really should be at least number 8 or lower.

LSU only has 3 games left in this season unless they somehow make the SEC Championship Game which is highly unlikely but still mathematically possible.

They are off this week and then face Alabama in Baton Rouge. They have Arkansas on the road and the Razorbacks usually give the Tigers problems. Then, they travel to the state of Texas to play the Aggies on Thanksgiving.

The LSU defense showed up for this game and so did their Offensive Line.

For the Ole Miss Rebels, the Bad Bo Wallace made an evil appearance and he will be blamed by Ole Miss fans for blowing this game. I never like to blame one person, but he made some really poor decisions against the LSU Bengal Tigers.

Years ago, back in 1986, the Penn State Nittany Lions were ranked #2 in the country and the Miami Hurricanes were ranked #1. The Hurricanes had a boat load of talent as usual and they had the 1986 Heisman Trophy winner, Vinny Testaverde. Penn State head coach Joe Paterno pretty much knew his team was going to be over matched when these tow teams met for the national championship. When asked what he was going to do about the talent difference between the two teams, Paterno pretty much said something along the lines of he was going to get in Testaverde’s head. The Penn State Nittany Lions did get in Vinny Testaverde’s head and he obliged Paterno’s efforts with 5 interceptions and 7 turnovers overall.

The Penn State Nittany Lions won that game 14-10 and captured the national title for the 1986 college football season. Testaverde was the number one overall pick in the following draft and went on to play in the big boy league for a number of years. In my opinion, he never really lived up to the high expectations placed upon him by being the number 1 pick. However, he couldn’t be considered a flop, either, due to playing for about 20 years in the NFL and throwing for over 46,000 yards. He mostly bounced around from one NFL team to another and never really became the Quarterback everyone expected him to be probably because he let others get in his head.

On Saturday night, October 25th, the LSU fans and players got into the head of Bo Wallace and it was not a pretty site for him or the Rebels.

Blame should also go to his head coach for not keeping his head as cool as possible. Cool customers at Quarterback win big ball games, not angry hot heads at Quarterback.

Bo Wallace throwing that ill advised pass with 9 seconds left on the clock which was picked off by the LSU Tigers was just another case of a hot head blowing a chance at a win by trying to prove fans and others wrong. His Wide Receiver was not open and the coverage was obvious to a blind man.

Ole Miss head coach was clearly agitated with his quarterback and clearly it was not where Bo

Wallace was told to go with the ball. All Bo Wallace had to do was either get his team closer for a better percentage Field Goal kick, or to throw the ball. What he didn’t want to do was get sacked or turn the ball over. A 10 to 10 tie was laying in wait if only he had thrown the ball away. The Rebels were well within Field Goal range.

Bad decisions by both Rebel coach Hugh Freeze and by Bo Wallace led to a shocking 10-7 loss to old time rivals LSU. Bo Wallace didn’t even stick around to see the end. He left the field immediately. I’ve always liked Bo Wallace and the Quarterback always gets too much credit and too much blame, but if I was an NFL team I would walk wide around him next Spring in draft time and wouldn’t sign him to a free agent contract, either.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the game. I love the LSU Tigers and I am very happy they won. On the other hand, I am also a fan of Ole Miss and I sure wanted them to win the SEC this year. I still have a shot with dark horse Mississippi State winning the title. There’s no particular reason for my feeling that  way other than it’s nice to have something different every now and then. Alabama or Auburn winning would be perfectly fine as well and I have no say in the matter, anyway.

I was happy and excited for the LSU Tigers, but very disappointed and sad for the Ole Miss Rebels.

So much for an undefeated Egg Bowl game.

After struggling offensively, the LSU Tigers got their offense rolling last night against one of the nation’s great defenses.  The Tigers love to pound the defenses with a huge Offensive Line and very big Running Backs, basically running power at a defense all night wearing the defense down in the later stages of the game. It worked beautifully against the Rebels.

The Tigers ran for 264 yards with super true freshman Leonard Fournette leading the way with 113 yards on 23 carries. Senior Terrence Magee ran for 74 yards on 12 carries, while teammate Kenny Hilliard ran for 63 also on 12 carries.

Quarterback Anthony Jennings was still pretty ineffective with 142 yards passing and 2 Interceptions.

The Ole Miss Rebels are known for defense, but in this game it was the LSU Tigers that brought the outstanding defense.

The Rebels only ran for 137 yards and threw for 176 yards. Bo Wallace was only 14 out of 33 passing with 1 Touchdown and 1 Interception.

The Tigers fumbled twice and Jennings threw 2 interceptions. But the Ole Miss offense was unable to do anything with the 4 turnovers that it was gifted because the Tiger defense rose to the occasion.



LSU dominated the first half. They drove it down the field and down inside the Ole Miss 5 yard line and then missed an easy chip shot Field Goal.

They missed easy interceptions all night long. However, they did pick off the one pass that mattered the most with time running out and the game on the line.

LSU drove it down inside the 5 yard line again and Leonard Fournette fumbled. Nobody moved the ball on this Ole Miss defense all season until they met the LSU Tigers.

LSU put together another drive and one of their other outstanding Running Backs, Terrence Magee coughed the ball up.

In spite of the LSU Tigers marching up and down the field, the Ole Miss Rebels held a 7-3 half time lead.

The Tigers finally found the End Zone in the 4th quarter when Quarterback Anthony Jennings found never used Tight End Logan Stokes for a 3 yard Touchdown pass. There was still 5:07 left on the clock and plenty of time for Ole Miss to come back and tie up the game or win it outright with a Touchdown.

The Ole Miss Rebels drove it down the field calmly and methodically running down the clock. All they needed was a Field Goal because the Tigers were  winning 10-7.

That’s when Bo Wallace made his fatal error and killed the chances for the Rebels. This was a great game that could have been even more outstanding with a possible Overtime.

With this win, the LSU Tigers took a 59-40-4 all time lead in the Magnolia Bowl standings.

LSU is off next week, but the Ole Miss Rebels have another huge game with losing not being an option. The number 4 ranked Auburn Tigers come into Oxford, Mississippi to play the number 7 ranked Ole Miss Rebels in this week’s game of the week.

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