LSU Fans Did and Arizona Didn’t

I have a friend that is a season ticket holder for a certain school and he rarely misses a home game. He’s been going to games since he went to school at that university back in the early 1970s. He’s probably what you would call a diehard fan.

He always comes early to every game and watches the warm ups. But, he rarely stays to the end of the game.

I don’t get it.

I know he wants to beat the traffic out of the stadium area. But, the game is not over.

A lot can happen in the last few minutes or even seconds of any given game. Maybe I can see it if the game is a blow out. If the home team is winning by 50 points and the back ups are in the game. I can understand that a little. But, I want to see the second and third team guys out there and see what they can do. They are often the future of the team, and I want any chance to see them in game action.

Plus, you paid full price for the ticket and why not use it to the max?

I don’t get fans that leave early, but I especially don’t get fans that quit.

Never quit.

You don’t quit if you are a player. You don’t quit if you are a coach. You don’t quit if you are a fan.

The fat lady hasn’t sung.

LSU fans quit by the truck loads on Saturday night against Mississippi State.

But, to the credit of LSU and their players and coaches, they did not quit like all of the fans.

The quitter fans missed a really good ending.

I realize that all SEC fans think that the only football really played is in the SEC. That’s fine, but they’ve missed a lot of really good football over the years.

As far as I know, there were 2 Hail Mary passes thrown on Saturday night. I watched both of them but there could have been others at smaller schools that I missed.

Two Hail Mary’s were thrown and one worked.

Out in the desert of Arizona, the Wildcats played the California Golden Bears. The visiting Bears were a much better ball club than last season and were out to prove it.

The Bears went up 14-0, 21-3, 28-6 and 45-30.

The Wildcat fans stayed around for the most part and what they saw was well worth it and the stuff of legends.

The Arizona Wildcats have a redshirt freshman Quarterback, Anu Solomon, from Las Vegas Bishop Gorman High School. He beat out former 5 star recruits Jesse Scroggins and Jerrard Randall, both transfers. Scroggins came from USC and Jerrard Randall came from LSU.

Solomon plays like a redshirt freshman. He’s all over the place. Very athletic and he has a nice arm, he can make plays with either his feet or his arm. But, he will overthrow a wide open receiver time and time again and has done that all year. This kid is a winner and his Bishop Gorman High School team won state more than once while he was Quarterback. arizona desert

Anu Solomon and his Arizona buddies did not quit. They were down 45-30 with the clock running down on them. They scored once on a 6 yard Touchdown run to make it 45-37. They scored again on a 15 yard Touchdown pass from Solomon to Cayleb Jones, a Texas transfer, and made it 45-43. Two point conversion failed so they needed at least a Field Goal to win this game.

They never got into Field Goal range.

From the California Golden Bear 47 yard line with time for one more play, Solomon dropped back and threw the Hail Mary pass. Future NFL player and one of the nation’s best Wide Receiver’s Austin Hill came down with it.

49-45 Arizona wins!!!!!!

I realize that Arizona is not LSU and that Cal Berkeley is certainly not Mississippi State on the football field. But, football is football. Being the best is not about arrogance and you can learn a lot from people that you might think you are better than.

Similar things happened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Saturday night.

Mississippi State came to town and they are really good. Quarterback Dak Prescott is a Heisman candidate. Their defense has been named the ‘Psycho Defense’ and they bring it on every play.

The Psycho Defense held LSU to 89 rushing yards on the night, while their own offense rushed for an unheard of 302 yards behind junior Running back Josh Robinson and his 197 yards and Dak Prescott’s 105.

Prescott also threw for 268 yards as the Mississippi State Bulldogs built up a 34-10 lead. It was actually worse than that as 7 out of the 10 points scored by the Tigers was from a Danielle Hunter 25 yard fumble return.

But, then LSU finally scored on a Kenny Hilliard 1 yard Touchdown run. The Tigers missed the 2 point conversion making it 34-16 Mississippi State still with a big lead with little time left.


Mississippi State went conservative and then LSU put in true freshman Quarterback Brandon Harris to replace ineffective starter Anthony Jennings. Harris hit another true freshman and the nation’s highest ranked WR coming out of high school, Malachi Dupre for a 31 yard Touchdown Pass. Suddenly, it was 34-22.

LSU tried an onside kick which sails harmlessly, or helplessly, depending on which team you were pulling for.

Funny thing happened as LSU fans sulked outside the stadium or wherever they went, but Mississippi State somehow botched the snap from the back up center to Dak Prescott and it went over his head. LSU recovered the fumble and freshman Brandon Harris hit freshman Malachi Dupre for yet another Touchdown pass this one being from 30 yards out.

The score was now 34-29 with time on the clock and time outs left.

Onside kick recovered by Miss State. The Bulldogs could not get a first down and had to punt.

No matter, there was little time left.

Harris hit another pass taking the Dogs to the midfield area. Time for a Hail Mary pass but that was it. Harris had to avoid heavy pressure and threw it to the end zone while running for his life.

Much to the dismay to the 500 remaining LSU fans, the pass was picked off by Will Redmon.

Game over.

Tiger fans are up in arms this morning, but since LSU coach Les Miles took over in 2005, the Tigers have a 22-22 record when trailing in the 4th quarter. That stat leads the entire nation. The Texas Longhorns are second best at 18-31 and then Ohio State at 9-21.

How do you get up and leave knowing fully well that you team is the top come from behind team in the entire country?


They almost did it again on Saturday night but very few LSU fans were left to see it.

LSU got knocked around by Mississippi State for mostly the entire game, but the team did not quit and they almost pulled it off. LSU fans, on the other hand, I am not so sure about right now.

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