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Coming in as a freshman and starting right away, Lamar Jackson looked impressive immediately. But, as a sophomore Jackson has taken his game to another level altogether.

Passing for 286 yards and 6 Touchdowns and running for 119 yards and 2 Touchdowns against lowly Charlotte may not impress Heisman voters. Maybe even throwing for 411 yards and a Touchdown and running for 199 and 4 Touchdowns against Syrcause, didn’t impress that much either other than the way he did it.

But, when the speedy sophomore did the same kind of things against top 5 Florida State it raised quite a few eyebrows.

He did it again against Marshall to take the team to 4-0 before losing at Death Valley to highly ranked

Clemson. Even at Clemson, the Louisville Cardinals and their talented Quarterback Lamar Jackson were hard to defeat as they took the Clemson Tigers to the final buzzer in a 36-42 loss.

After a week off, Louisville took on a very average Duke on national television and they were not overwhelming. They beat Duke in a driving rain, 24-14.

Louisville was just blowing people out until the Clemson game and then the Duke game, the Cardinals and Lamar Jackson looked a little more human. However, the rain had something to do with that against Duke and Jackson still ran for 144 yards and a Touchdown. Even when he didn’t look that impressive, he still ran for over 100 yards.

Lamar Jackson and Louisville were back at it this past weekend and against a good team.

North Carolina State may be 4-3 on the season, but they should have beaten Clemson in Death Valley. They’ve been pretty tough and particularly on defense. Clemson could not run the ball on them much at all and averaged 3 yards per carry on 39 attempts.

BJ Hill and Bradley Chubb are top Defensive Linemen and their defense has been pretty close to the top of the defensive charts all season.

The Wolfpack of North Carolina State held Jackson to only 76 yards rushing and a score which is an accomplishment. But, he also threw for 355 yards and 3 Touchdowns in leading the Cardinals to a stunning 54-13 win over North Carolina State.

I still consider the Wolfpack a solid team, but the Cardinals when they get going are just difficult to


After 7 games, Lamar Jackson has thrown for 2,161 yards on 134 completions. Jackson doesn’t throw a bunch of short passes to increase his completion percentage like so many Quarterbacks do these days. He throws the ball down field and he has a bunch of big play receivers like James Quick, Jamari Staples, Jaylen Smith and Tight End Cole Hikutini.

He has thrown the ball 230 times and he has 18 Touchdowns against only 4 Interceptions.

Action Jackson is amazing with the ball in his hands and he is just so explosive running the football. So far, he has run the ball 130 times for 930 yards and 16 Touchdowns. He will break the 1,000 yard rushing barrier in his 8th football game.

You can look at his numbers and be slightly impressed, but this is a guy that must be seen and even studied to be appreciated. He just has so much speed and quickness with the ability to make tacklers miss. Then, he has the speed to outrun guys, and the talent to leap over a low flying defender. He’s just one of the more incredible running Quarterbacks that’s been out in recent seasons.

The Cardinals do more than just let Lamar Jackson carry the ball, they also have good Running Backs in Brandon Radcliff and Jeremy Smith. Radcliff is their speedy back coming from Miami, Florida. He is 5-9, 210 and has 551 rushing yards so far with 3 Touchdowns.

Smith is their power back since he is around 6-2, 225 and the Hammond, California native has 268 yards on the ground and 7 rushing Touchdowns.

Lamar Jackson has 18 passing Touchdowns and 16 rushing Touchdowns with 5 regular season games remaining.

Right now, Lamar Jackson should very much be the leading candidate to win the 2016 Heisman Trophy.

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