Kevin Wilson Indiana Part II

There’s no doubt in my mind that Jim Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in college football. I would put him right there with Nick Saban and Urban Meyer and I know that Harbaugh does not have a national championship.

But, if you observe his body of work at San Diego, then at Stanford and even at San Francisco of the NFL.

Now, Harbaugh is in his first season as head coach at Michigan. Yes, he is playing with former Michigan coach Brady Hoke’s players mostly. Hoke may not have been a great coach, but he was a good recruiter and Michigan had some talent on hand when Harbaugh took over.

But, look at game film from last year’s Michigan games and compare that to this season. The difference is night and day. Harbaugh has them playing on a entirely different level. They played really good defense last year and that has continued, but is slightly better. The offense is where the bigger improvement is most obvious.

Michigan is one of the teams that I have seen play every week. I love to watch a well coached team and in fact, it is one of my passions.

Michigan is well coached and they give it their all each and every week. Forget about their loss to Utah and the one against Michigan State. Both of those games were flukes.

Last Saturday, Michigan traveled to the great state of Indiana to play the Hoosiers.

When the final play of Overtime number two was finished with Indiana failing on a pass from the one yard line giving the Michigan Wolverines a hard earned 48-41 win.

Nobody had been able to move the ball on the ground against Michigan all season long. Indiana ran for 307 yards against the Wolverine defense that was averaging 80 yards per game coming in. Their defense was ranked number 2 in the entire nation coming in and they did not slow Indiana down at all.

Jordan Howard, the transfer from the University of Alabama at Birmingham when they dropped their football program. Howard ran for an astounding 230 yards at an average of 6.80 yards per carry. Plus, he scored 2 Touchdowns.

Yes, by all means give credit to Jordan Howard and to the Indiana Offensive Line.

But, a lot of credit really must go to Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson. He did the same thing last season with a different Running Back and with his starting Quarterback out with injuries.

I wrote an article about saving Kevin Wilson’s job recently on this blog: indiana-please-do-not-fire-kevin-wilson

I truly believe that Indiana firing Kevin Wilson wold be a huge mistake. His teams are not winning at a rate that Indiana fans would love to see.

But, his teams are good and they are competitive. They lost big to Michigan State a few weeks ago, but don’t be fooled by that final score. Indiana gave Michigan State quite the scare until the ery end when the Spartans got a couple of late scores when the game was over.

Indiana took defending national champion and unbeaten Ohio State to the very end losing only when back up Quarterback Zander Diamont’s pass fell incomplete in the End Zone late in the game. The Touchdown would have tied the game up if Indiana could have completed the extra point.

To fire Kevin Wilson would not improve the Indiana Hoosiers football program, but would probably at least derail it for another number of football seasons.

Indiana is in the Big 10 Eastern Division which includes Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan and Penn State. Winning at Indiana in football is just going to be a tall task and very difficult to do consistently. It would be better for them if they were in the Western Division, but things are as they are.

I will continue to preach that firing Kevin Wilson would not be a good move.

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