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I like this guy, Jovon Johnson. One of his teammates, freshman Linebacker Quentin Poling, sacked the Kentucky quarterback Patrick Towles, but messed up his helmet and Jovon Johnson helped the other guy up and cleaned him up and fixed his helmet strap.

Johnson was chasing Kentucky quarterback, Patrick Towles, who is very fast for a big man.  Jovon Johnson had an angle on Towles and was closing, but Kentucky true freshman Wide Receiver Dorian Baker, a 6-3, 200 pound talent, just came up and laid him out. Jovon Johnson just jumped right up like nothing happened and chased Kentucky’s Dorian Baker down and shook his hand, as if to say ‘good job, kid’.

There was no trash talking, just congratulations for a tremendous block and a tremendous hit and instead of the usual and standard garbage coming out of the NFL and the SEC these days, there was good sportsmanship and a lot of class shown.

Personally, I loved it. What a refreshing change from the standard college football type of trash talk and garbage that is going around these days. Trash talk is the biggest thing that I really don’t like about today’s game. You just didn’t see that nonsense back in the old days. The players were smaller and slower and less athletic, but they at least had some class and some manners. They would lay the wood, but they didn’t get up and celebrate and get in another player’s face and talk smack.

Jovon Johnson has class and manners and I for one appreciate him and I appreciate the kind of character that he has.

I even asked my wife to come in the room and watch this play by this LB from Ohio. That’s how much it meant to me.

The head coach of Ohio is Frank Solich who I just wrote about as a former Nebraska coach. Solich was always a class act, himself and it must rub off on his players.

Granted, Jovon Johnson was never a blue chip player. He was a low 3 star recruit coming out of Solon, Ohio. He is a bit undersized at 6-0, 215 for an inside linebacker.

In high school he played Fullback and Linebacker. He totaled 207 tackles and 28 sacks as a high school Linebacker and once had a very impressive 5 sacks in 1 game.

He was never offered a scholarship to any of the big schools like Ohio State, or Michigan, or Michigan State.

But, he knew that he wanted to play at Ohio, anyway. So, that’s where he went.

In 2014, the season is early, but he is the team’s leading tackler and he is a leader on a pretty solid Mid-American Conference team.

Nobody will ever mistake Jovon Johnson for an SEC Linebacker, or even a Big 12 Linebacker or ACC. The NFL won’t even give him a sniff.

But, Jovon Johnson is a good college football player and a person that conducts himself with class and style. I am a college football fan first so I really don’t care how good any of these guys will be at the next level. I enjoy watching a guy like this play some college football.

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