Jim McElwain’s Dog and the Florida Quarterback Position

Jim McElwain’s dog is nowhere near as cool as my dog, Duke.

I didn’t name him Duke, but he probably really thinks he’s Royalty so he is aptly named.

If not the best dog I have ever had, the Duke is really close. The big rascal goes with me nearly everywhere I go and if I don’t take him he has this look in his eyes that has a way of making me feel guilty.

Anyone that knows me around my neighborhood also know they will soon see my sidekick and my buddy, Duke.

There may not be a more spoiled dog on the planet.


As much as I love my dog, I don’t think ole Duke would make a good Quarterback. Oh, he has the talent. He’s got more speed than you can imagine. Since he’s officially one half Great Dane, you would think he would be slow. But, the other breeds in him were clearly faster breeds because Duke can run like the wind.

He’s plenty fast, but he would get distracted playing any team like Georgia with their Bulldog mascot. He would leave the field of play to go over and sniff the Bulldog in typical dog fashion.

I just don’t think Duke would be a great Quarterback

Which is why I raised my eyebrows somewhat when new Florida coach Jim MeElwain was asked about his Quarterback situation.

He said he could win at Florida with his dog playing Quarterback.

Jim McElwain’s dog must be much better than my dog at Quarterbacking.

The Gators were sailing along at 6-0 with redshirt freshman Quarterback Will Grier. After some early struggles, Will Grier started to improve. Grier had thrown for 1,201 yards and had something of a coming out party against Ole Miss when he threw for 271 yards and 4 Touchdowns.

Every week, Grier was looking better and better and so were his Gator teammates. The Florida Gators have been good defensively for years, but this year they have improved on the other side of the ball. While their defense is still rock solid, they have had an offense to almost match that defense this season with the coaching change. Then, there was the emergence of Will Grier at Quarterback.



But, this past week, the college football world was shocked by the announcement that Florida Quarterback Will Grier has been suspended by the NCAA.

Before the season even got going, the Quarterback battle was a two man race between Will Grier and sophomore Treon Harris.

They split time early on before Treon Harris got suspended therefore forfeiting the job to Grier. Will Grier was only too happy to oblige and took off with the job.


Now, the job belongs to Treon Harris.


In the Gators opening game, Harris threw for 215 yards  and 2 Touchdowns on 14 completions out of 19 attempts.

In game two, Harris threw for 54 yards with 5 completions out of 8 attempts in a Florida win over East Carolina.

He has not thrown a pass since that game.

Supposedly, there’s not a lot of drop off between Will Grier to Treon Harris.

The biggest problem that Harris and his teammates have is that they are playing LSU in Baton Rouge and that’s going to be a tough chore.

Both Florida and LSU are unbeaten and ranked and this could be one of the better games of the weekend.

Florida coach Jim McElwain’s dog isn’t any better at Quarterbacking than my dog Duke, but luckily he still has Treon Harris.

It’s going to be tough for Harris getting his first start in a while in LSU’s Death Valley.

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