It’s Rudock

Much has been discussed about the Michigan Quarterback situation. I know everyone in America knows this by now, but it’s been something of a day around here with a lot of activity.

On Thursday Night at Utah, Jake Rudock, the Iowa Graduate transfer ran out with the starters.

Down by 3 points before he saw the field, Jake Rudock completed his first two passes, both short ones.

The Wolverines looked far from a well oiled machine, but did you watch them last season? They were good on defense in 2014, but their offense was pathetic.

After a somewhat impressive first drive got going, Rudock did turn the ball over with a mix up with his receiver caused a pass to be picked off, and he was hot and cold the rest of the evening.

The good news for Michigan fans is that the defense looked pretty good for most of the night. They played hard and brought the wood many times and they held All Pac 12 Running Back Devontae Booker to 69 yards and 3.1 yards per carry. Quarterback Travis Wilson hurt them more with his well timed runs. For a 6-7 Quarterback, Wilson has outstanding quickness.

Utah ended up with a hard fought 24-17 win, but let me be one of the sunshine pumpers telling Michigan fans to keep their heads up. Harbaugh is a helluva coach and he will get the kinks worked out from the first game. This had been expected.

Rudock threw a pick 6 which was the difference in the game, but he did hit 27 out of 43 passes for 279 yards and 2 Touchdowns.

I had Utah winning this game, but will say that without the 3 picks thrown by Rudock, Michigan very well could have started the Harbaugh era off with a win.

Michigan haters get your licks in now. Harbaugh will win and he will win big.

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