I Would Like to Point Out

I did not pick Ohio State to win the national championship.

But, I did point out in an earlier post, that they deserved a shot at the title back on November 14th. A lot of TCU and Baylor fans were upset because their teams did not get in and rightfully so, but to have excluded Ohio State would have been just as wrong.


Watch out for the Buckeyes in 2015. They were a really young team this season and especially in the skill positions.

One thought on “I Would Like to Point Out

  1. dalice777

    I wish they would just go ahead and put in an 8 team playoff. With 4 teams there will always be a team or two that deserved a shot at the championship. However I personally would not pick a team like Baylor who had such a soft schedule the first games of the season. Prove yourself!


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