I Hate to Keep Bragging

Well, no I really don’t hate it that I was right about something involving college football.

I posted the other day about the Third Saturday in October last week which was actually played on the Fourth Saturday in October.

Hey, it’s the SEC and Paul Finebaum is their chosen spokesman, and math may not be their strongest subject, either.

Just kidding SEC fans, I love your conference almost as much as you do. I just prefer to have an open mind about all football conferences and I have no problem with Northerners and Westerners.

I suggested in my blog last week that the Alabama versus Tennessee game could be really good and it was a fun one. http://collegefootballcrazy.com/third-saturday-in-october/



Tennessee may have lost, but the emergence of Joshua Dobbs and the young talent surrounding him, make them a fun team to watch and Alabama is still the class of the SEC.

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