Heisman Trophy Race Update September 22nd

1. Todd Gurley – Georgia RB. Gurley did little to help his cause this week because they romped over Troy and his services were not really needed. Ran 6 times for 73 yards. Gurley has 402 yards so far on the season and 4 Touchdowns. I think that Gurley is probably in the driver’s seat right now playing in the SEC and on the East Coast area. todd gurley 2

2. Marcus Mariota – Oregon QB. Mariota may be the current frontrunner. He had 329 yards and 5 Touchdowns on Saturday against Washington State. He also ran for 53 yards. If Gurley is not the frontrunner, then it might be Marcus Mariota. Oregon is pretty popular because of the style of football they play.

3. Jameis Winston – Florida State QB, Expect Winston’s stock to keep dropping. I think he’s really out of it. Winston had to sit out against Clemson because of another stupid incident. Great player and great leader on the field, but is costing himself money daily. The Seminoles nearly lost Saturday night to it’s main conference rival and that would have been all on Jameis Winston and his bone headed decisions.

4. Amari Cooper – Alabama WR. Cooper might sneak away with this trophy this season. He already has 43 catches on the season and had 10 for 201 yards against Florida. The Gators put their top CB on him and he had no luck with Cooper. He has 5 Touchdowns already in 2014 and might be the best player in America right now.

5. Melvin Gordon -Wisconsin RB. Gordon just exploded in Madison this past weekend and rushed for 253 yards on only 13 carries. He’s up to 431 yards on the year now and 6 Touchdowns. Still a long shot, but people are starting to see how explosive he is and how dangerous.

6. Ameer Abdullah – Nebraska RB. Talk about productive, Adbullah has 625 yards on 92 attempts and 5 Touchdowns. He ripped through Miami this past weekend for 229 yards on 35 carries. He’s a long shot at the Heisman but his stock is rising.


7. Nick Marshall- Auburn QB. Marshall hasn’t had the biggest of years so far and was suspended for one game. He’s probably already out of it unless he has a huge, huge finish. Threw for 231 yards in Manhattan, Kansas and had a lot of dropped passes. Ran for an additional 46 yards and is up to 168 yards rushing.

8. Dak Prescott – Mississippi State QB. Prescott’s stock is rising and quickly. Led the Bulldogs to a huge upset win in Baton Rouge on Saturday and I would just like to say I believe I am the only one that ranked Mississippi State early on. Prescott is a big, strong guy at 6-2, 230 that some compare to Tim Tebow. He threw for 268 yards and 2 Touchdowns against LSU. Also rushed for 105 yards and another Touchdown. He is up to 378 yards rushing on the season and 964 yards passing. He’s still a bit rough around the edges but is a star in the making.

9. Kenny Hill – Texas A%M QB. The Aggies played a weak team on Saturday which resulted in lesser yardage for Hill because it wasn’t needed. He did throw for 265 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Just now threw his first interception on the season. Hill also ran for 57 yards against the Ponies but these Ponies are Sheltons these days. Should have better numbers next week against Arkansas. An extreme long shot but it helps that he plays in the SEC.

10. Everett Golson – Notre Dame QB. Notre Dame was off this week, but Golson might be in the thick of things.

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