Happy Birthday Woody Hayes

I love the passing game, but running the ball down the opponents throats is my favorite thing about football. The old 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense was always fun for me to watch. But, usually it’s more like 4 to 10 yards a pop just ramming the ball up the middle till the defense’s tongue’s are hanging out and they can’t catch their breath. They are bending over between plays with their hands on their knees. They are silently begging the offense to throw the ball, or run outside, anything but another giant Fullback running right at them play after play.

I’m what you might call old school, even though I love the modern game as well.

But, bring back the I-formation. Bring back the Fullback. Bring back Wayne Woodrow Hayes.

Happy Birthday Woody Hayes. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the 10 Years War. Thanks for all of the fun games between your school, Ohio State and all of the other opponents besides Michigan.

Woody Hayes is all Ohio. When you think of the great state of Ohio, you have to think about football. You think about Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You think about the greatest high school football rivalry probably in the entire nation, Canton McKinley versus Massillon Washington and all of the great players that attended those high schools. You think about Gerry Faust and Cincinnati Moeller High School and you think of Paul Brown and the Cleveland Browns. There’s the Cincinnati Bengals, but most of all there is Woody Hayes and his Ohio State Buckeyes.

A lot of Woody’s success happened before I was even born. But, I was old enough to remember his 1968 national championship and the Super Sophomores. I also vividly recall the 10 Years War with Michigan and Bo Schembechler. Those were the days.

Most people old enough to remember, only think about the negative. They just remember the punch in the Peach Bowl on Clemson Linebacker Charlie Bauman, that ended Woody’s coaching career. What they don’t recollect, or don’t know about, was his hospital visits to sick children, and the love his players had for him. They really loved him after they played for him, and not quite as much as when they played for him. Woody insisted that they went to class and that they graduated and became successful citizens.

Woody Hayes was forced out at Ohio State, but only after he posted a 238-72-10 record.

He was one of the best coaches that ever walked the sidelines.

Woody passed away on March 12th, 1987 at the relatively young age of 74.

If he was alive today, Woody would be 104 years old.

Happy Birthday, Woody. Isn’t it something that a guy that was known for having so much anger would be born on the day of love, February 14th and otherwise known as Valentine’s Day?


Thanks for everything.



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