Great Zaxby’s and Georgia’s Mighty Mite

Okay, okay, I will admit it. I love fast food on occasions. Probably, I love it way too much for my own good, but I can’t help myself. I gave it up for a number of years while I hit the gym hard, but one day I woke up and realized that everybody dies some time and while eating healthy is great, I wanted to enjoy the rest of my life as well.

I might as well be happy, and a little chubby, and treat myself to some good old fashioned American fast food when I get the chance.

Yes, I take my vitamins and I walk. I also eat my fast food from time to time and

one of my all time favorites is sort of a newcomer.

The bad news, at least for me, is one of my favorite fast food chains doesn’t even exist in the area that I live.

But, when I travel to the Southeastern portion of the United States I have to stop at the nearest Zaxby’s.


There, I said it. I am out of the closet and everything’s out in the open now. My life is pretty transparent. Give me some college football and some Zaxby’s and I will die a happy man some day.

Oh, and I am not saying that Zaxby’s is an unhealthy fast food restaurant, they have lighter options on the menu. But, I love the chicken finger plate complete with french fries and Texas toast.

Zaxby’s is a big supporter of college football and last season became the sponsor of the Heart of Dallas Bowl game.

I am in the area from time to time and I wish they would open more Zaxby’s in Dallas, Texas. Mostly, at present time, Zaxby’s are located in the Southeastern United States. A lot of Zaxby’s are located in college towns with college football themes like in Tuscaloosa, Alabama or Clemson, South Carolina.

In 1990, Georgia Bulldog fans and childhood buddies Zach McElroy and Tony Townley founded Zaxby’s and my hat is off to them.

Zach McElroy is a Georgia grad and his childhood friend and founding partner Tony Townley is a Georgia Southern grad.

Zaxby’s is a franchised chain with Georgia roots, but different locations support whichever school is in the area.

But, when I think of Zaxby’s I sort of think of Georgia and the SEC since that was the birthplace of the very first restaurant.

One of the most exciting returning players for the Bulldogs other than Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Malcolm Mitchell and Lorenzo Carter is tiny sophomore Isaiah McKenzie from Miami, Florida. McKenzie is listed as 5-8, 165, but my guess is that is more than a bit of a stretch. McKenzie is small, but the man has some serious quickness and speed which makes him one of the more breathtaking players to watch in the entire country.

McKenzie was a part of the 2014 recruiting class which included Chubb, Michel, Carter and Jeb Blazevich.

McKenzie was not an every down receiver, but he played some Wide Receiver for the Bulldogs and they used him on some reverses.

He only caught 6 passes as a true freshman and he ran the ball 7 times for 78 yards which was an average of 11.14 yards per carry.

The part of the game that McKenzie really excelled was on returns. On Kickoffs he had 11 returns for 28.09 yards per attempt and 1 Touchdown. On Punt returns, McKenzie had 19 and averaged 12.11 yards per return with 2 very exciting Touchdowns.

There are few things that can excite the fans and change the momentum of a game than a huge punt return or a kickoff return.

It will be exciting to see in the 2015 season if McKenzie can improve on his 2014 return stats. The Bulldog coaching staff plans on using McKenzie more in an inside receiver role this year and he looked good in the Spring Game before injuring his hamstring on a long Touchdown reception.


I really have no idea what kind of food McKenzie likes, but if I was a big betting man I would take money that he loves Zaxby’s. Just like I do.

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